Tenwek High School KCSE Results 2023: Unrivaled Academic Triumph, Performance Peaks, and Notable Achievements

Tenwek High School stands as an indomitable force, surpassing regional academic giants in the KCSE results of 2023. Let’s embark on a detailed exploration of the institution’s outstanding achievements, shedding light on its mean grade, pass rates, and the dynamic leadership behind its continued success.

Academic Prowess Unleashed: Tenwek High School KCSE Results 2023

In the picturesque setting of Bomet County, Tenwek Secondary School has etched its name in the annals of academic achievement. The institution, under the guidance of the soft-spoken Mr. Mutali Chesebe, senior principal at Tenwek Boys, has consistently produced remarkable results. The KCSE results of 2023 showcase a remarkable distribution of grades, attesting to the dedication of both students and educators.

  • A (plain): 20 students
  • A- (minus): 70 students
  • B+ (plus): 103 students
  • B (plain): 102 students
  • B- (minus): 55 students
  • C+ (plus): 32 students
  • C (plain): 14 students
  • C- (minus): 1 student
  • D+ (plus): 1 student

A staggering achievement is the attainment of 90 straight A-students, contributing to an impressive pass rate of 96%. The mean grade of 9.33 reflects the commitment to excellence among recent candidates.

The performance analysis of Tenwek High School’s KCSE results is drawing attention, particularly due to the notable number of A and B students. A comparison between the academic years 2022 and 2023 reveals an upward trajectory.

University entry382
Pass rate96%

The mean score surged from 8.76 in 2022 to an impressive 9.33 in 2023, underscoring the institution’s commitment to continuous improvement and academic excellence.

Historical Perspective: Tenwek Boys High School

The esteemed Tenwek Boys High School, founded in 1945 by World Gospel missionaries, has a rich history. Originating as an intermediate school, it transitioned into a secondary school in 1961 under the sponsorship of the African Gospel Church. Notable alumni, including former KLB director Mr. Samwel Cheruiyot Langat, add to the institution’s legacy.

Contact Information and Motto: We Trust in God

Situated in Bomet Central division, Bomet County, Rift Valley Kenya, Tenwek Boys High School stands as one of Kenya’s National Schools. For inquiries regarding fee structures, admissions requirements, and related matters, reach out to the institution using the following details:

Feel free to contact Tenwek Boys for a deeper understanding of its rich history, admission procedures, and any other inquiries. The institution welcomes all with open arms.


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