Keiyo North Launches Mop-Up Operation to Enroll Remaining Form Ones

In a proactive move to ensure the realization of the 100% transition from primary to secondary education, Keiyo North Sub-county has initiated a mop-up operation targeting 134 students who are yet to join Form One after sitting for last year’s KCPE.

Sub-county Commissioner Julius Maiyo provided insights into the current enrollment status during a press conference, revealing that 90% of the 4,063 students who sat for KCPE in the area have already commenced their secondary education. However, Maiyo expressed concern about the high poverty levels among the local population, identifying it as a significant factor contributing to the delayed enrollment.

“The level of poverty here is very high, and this is the reason many students are yet to report to school. However, we have talked with NGCDF officials to speed up the release of bursaries,” Maiyo explained.

Addressing Poverty Challenges

Acknowledging the economic challenges faced by families in the region, Maiyo’s engagement with the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) reflects a commitment to addressing the financial barriers hindering students from accessing education. By expediting bursary disbursements, authorities aim to alleviate the burden on parents and guardians, ensuring a smoother transition for all eligible students.

Maiyo issued a stern warning to parents who neglect their responsibility to enroll their children in school, emphasizing the government’s unwavering commitment to achieving a complete transition. The enforcement of this commitment may involve consequences for parents who fail to adhere to the mandatory education directive.

Elimu Scholarship Program Brightens Futures

Amidst the enrollment challenges, a glimmer of hope shines for 120 bright but needy students from Elgeyo Marakwet County. These students received full scholarships through the Elimu Scholarship program, providing them with an opportunity to pursue their education without financial constraints.

Nelson Oloo, the Coordinator of the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, outlined the criteria for scholarship recipients, setting the cut-off mark at 280 in KCPE. Special consideration was given to vulnerable groups, including orphans, children of single parents, persons with disabilities (PWDs), those with chronic illnesses, and marginalized communities like the Sengwer.

“This time we were taking students who scored 280 marks and above. We were looking for those who are unable to pay fees, who include orphans, children of single parents, PWDs, and those with chronic illnesses. We also have vulnerable and marginalized groups like the Sengwer,” highlighted Oloo.

As the mop-up operation unfolds and scholarship opportunities are extended, Keiyo North Sub-county strives to overcome the hurdles that hinder educational access, fostering an environment where every student can embark on their academic journey without impediments.


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