KNUT Advocates for Gazettement of Primary Schools as JSS to Alleviate Congestion

In a bid to address the persistent issue of congestion in Junior Secondary Schools (JSS), the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Sotik Branch, is pushing for the gazettement of all primary schools to host JSS. The current state of JSS, according to KNUT, is grappling with high population pressure, adversely affecting the quality of learning.

Mathias Langat, the branch secretary, emphasized the urgency of the situation during a press conference, highlighting the challenges faced by JSS learners, including covering long distances to reach school and navigating through hazardous areas like flooded rivers. Langat deemed the current scenario unacceptable, stressing the need for immediate intervention.

“Learners here cover long distances to JSS, and as we speak, the schools are congested. Learners even risk their lives crossing flooded rivers, which is unacceptable,” Langat stated.

The Call for Gazettement

Langat proposed that gazetting all primary schools as JSS could serve as a practical solution to ease the burden on existing JSS facilities. He pointed out that the available teachers are qualified to teach in JSS and emphasized the need to end discrimination, urging the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) to allow qualified teachers to offer their services.

“In our area, we have 40 schools which have not been gazetted as JSS. Our teachers are equally qualified, and it is wrong to deny them the chance to teach in JSS. As a union, we are telling TSC and the Ministry of Education (MoE) to stop discrimination and allow our teachers to offer their services,” Langat asserted.

Parents Join the Advocacy

The call for gazettement aligns with the recent demonstration by parents from Kapkemoi Primary School in Chepalungu Sub-county. These parents demanded that the school be gazetted as JSS, emphasizing the availability of sufficient materials and infrastructure. They argued that their children have been covering long distances in search of JSS education, making a compelling case for the expansion of JSS facilities to primary schools.

As KNUT presses for the gazettement of all primary schools as JSS, the issue resonates not only with the need to alleviate congestion but also with the broader goal of enhancing accessibility and quality of education for students in various regions. The union’s stance reflects a proactive approach to addressing challenges in the education system and promoting equitable opportunities for both learners and teachers.


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