Kisumu School to Host Nyanza Region Term One Games

Sports enthusiasts in the Nyanza region are in for a treat as Kisumu School gears up to host the highly anticipated Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) Nyanza Region Term One games from March 19 to 23. This extravaganza will showcase an array of athletic talents competing in hockey, basketball, rugby 15s, swimming, and athletics. The competition promises to be fierce, with schools vying for supremacy in their respective disciplines.

Quick Summary:

  • Kisumu School will host KSSSA Nyanza Region Term One games from March 19 to 23, featuring hockey, basketball, rugby 15s, swimming, and athletics.
  • Swimming, a highlight of the event, is scheduled for March 16 at Aga Khan in Kisumu, while the nationals will be hosted by Machakos Secondary Schools from April 6-14.
  • Kisii School aims to defend its rugby 15’s title amidst tough competition from Maseno School, St Mary’s Yala, and Anjego Mixed, guided by the experienced J.J Masime.

The Thrill of the Games:

Kisumu School, a hub of sporting prowess, is set to become the focal point of the Nyanza region’s athletic scene. The eagerly awaited KSSSA Nyanza Region Term One games will feature a diverse range of sports, fostering a competitive spirit among participating schools. The stakes are high, and athletes are gearing up for a showdown that promises moments of sheer brilliance and intense sporting drama.

Basketball, Hockey, and Rugby 15s Showdown:

As the competition unfolds, basketball courts, hockey fields, and rugby pitches will be ablaze with action. Kisii School, determined to secure another victory, faces stiff opposition from Maseno School, St Mary’s Yala, and the emerging force of Anjego Mixed. The basketball courts will witness the prowess of Onjiko School and Ototo Mixed, both eyeing their third consecutive titles in the boys’ and girls’ categories.

Swimming Spectacle:

The aquatic spectacle, scheduled for March 16 at Aga Khan in Kisumu, is poised to be a thrilling event. It sets the stage for the national competition, where Machakos Secondary Schools will host the best swimmers from April 6-14. The swimming competition promises to be a display of skill and endurance, as athletes strive for glory in the pool.

Coaching and Refereeing Course:

Beyond the competitions, the KSSSA Nyanza region coaching and refereeing course at Kasagam Secondary School from Thursday to Saturday, spearheaded by regional director of education Nelson Sifuna, adds another dimension. This comprehensive training, covering various sports such as athletics, swimming, badminton, lawn tennis, netball, football, rugby, handball, hockey, and basketball, aims to prepare for the upcoming 2024 co-curricular activities. Coaches and referees will benefit from the latest techniques, ensuring a high standard of officiating and coaching.

Final Thoughts:

As the countdown to the KSSSA Nyanza Region Term One games begins, the excitement is palpable. The sporting arena is set to witness extraordinary feats, fierce rivalries, and displays of unwavering determination. Kisumu School’s role as the host adds to the anticipation, promising not just a competition but a celebration of athleticism and sportsmanship. Let the games begin!


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