The Impact of Century Tech on Holiday Studies in Malindi

As the December school holiday unfolded, parents faced the challenge of striking a balance between ensuring their children enjoy a well-deserved break and keeping them engaged in productive activities. In Malindi, however, the Learning Hub School has found a remarkable solution that allows pupils to seamlessly blend vacation and studies through the integration of technology.

Quick Summary:

  • Learning Hub School in Malindi leverages Century Tech, an innovative platform introduced in 2022, to facilitate online learning during the December school holiday.
  • Nesher Omar, a Grade 6 learner at Learning Hub, has experienced significant academic improvement and boosted morale through the use of Century Tech.
  • Century Tech is an app that assists students in doing homework, providing a comprehensive learning experience beyond traditional textbooks.

The Fusion of Vacation and Learning:

The December school holiday, notorious for its length, often poses a challenge for parents seeking to ensure their children make the most of their break while staying academically engaged. In Malindi, Learning Hub School has seamlessly merged vacation and learning, offering an innovative solution through the Century Tech platform.

Nesher Omar’s Transformative Journey:

Nesher Omar, a Grade 6 learner at Learning Hub, stands as a testament to the positive impact of Century Tech. Her mother, Charity Beduli, shared insights into how this technological intervention has transformed Nesher’s holiday experience.

Since the introduction of Century Tech in 2022, Nesher has not only enjoyed her holiday but has also been diligently studying online. With her mother’s guidance, Nesher uses the Century Tech app to complete her homework, leading to notable improvements in her academic performance and an enhanced enthusiasm for learning.

Century Tech: A Catalyst for Academic Growth:

Century Tech serves as a catalyst for Nesher’s academic growth, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience. The app covers a wide range of subjects and allows students to access their assignments through a secure login. Nesher emphasized the app’s role in helping her understand complex topics, stating that it goes beyond traditional textbooks by offering comprehensive information.

Addressing Academic Challenges:

Before the introduction of Century Tech, Nesher faced challenges in English, scoring 40 per cent. However, with the aid of the app, her English grades have soared to over 70 per cent. The technology fills the gaps left by traditional teaching methods, offering additional resources that enhance comprehension, especially in subjects like English and parts of speech.

Holistic Approach to Learning:

Nesher highlighted that while she benefits from Century Tech, she also values the support from teachers at school. The platform becomes her sanctuary at home, providing a quiet and


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