Kericho Tea Boys High School Sent Home After Striking and Damaging School Property

In an unexpected turn of events at Kericho Tea Boys High School, Form 2, 3, and 4 learners were sent home following a demonstration on Monday night that led to the destruction of school property. The incident occurred just three weeks into the first term, prompting temporary closure for the affected classes. Julius Ngoneshi, the Director of Education for Kericho County, has indicated that investigations are underway to determine the cause of the unrest.

Quick Summary

  • Form 2, 3, and 4 learners at Kericho Tea Boys High School sent home after a demonstration and property damage.
  • The cause of the unrest is yet to be determined, with ongoing investigations by the quality assurance and standards team.
  • Minor damages, including shattered window panes, were reported, and the situation was contained with the assistance of school staff and the National Police Service.

Unraveling the Unrest

The unrest at Kericho Tea Boys High School unfolded on Monday night, catching both the school administration and education authorities by surprise. The demonstration resulted in the destruction of some school property, particularly the shattering of window panes in a few classrooms. However, Julius Ngoneshi emphasized that the damages were relatively minor.

Ongoing Investigations

The Director of Education assured the public that investigations are actively taking place to uncover the root cause of the unrest. The school’s quality assurance and standards team is diligently working to compile a comprehensive report. Ngoneshi expressed confidence that insights from both the investigative team and the returning students would shed light on the underlying issues.

Swift Containment Efforts

The school’s Principal, along with a few teachers and the security team, acted promptly to contain the situation as soon as it erupted. Their swift response limited the damages and ensured the safety of students and staff present during the unrest. Additionally, the National Police Service provided reinforcement, contributing to the calming of the learners and further stabilizing the situation.

Temporary Closure

In response to the incident, Kericho Tea Boys High School has temporarily closed its doors to Form 2, 3, and 4 learners. This decision aims to allow for a thorough investigation and assessment of the situation before resuming normal academic activities. The closure serves as a precautionary measure to address any underlying concerns and create an environment conducive to learning.

Final Thoughts

The unexpected turn of events at Kericho Tea Boys High School highlights the need for proactive measures in addressing student unrest. While the investigation is ongoing, the school’s administration, in collaboration with education authorities, must prioritize understanding the grievances of the students. A transparent and comprehensive approach is crucial for fostering a conducive learning environment and preventing future incidents. The collaborative efforts of the school staff, security personnel, and the National Police Service in containing the situation demonstrate the importance of a coordinated response to such challenges. The temporary closure reflects a commitment to resolving the issues at hand before resuming regular academic activities, ensuring the well-being of both students and staff.


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