Tragic Fires Strike Schools: Concord Boys High School and Ofafa Jericho High School Incidents

Recent tragic incidents involving fires have struck two Kenyan high schools – Concord Boys High School in Kapsoya, Eldoret, and Ofafa Jericho High School in Nairobi. In both cases, dormitories were engulfed in flames, causing destruction of property and prompting investigations into the causes. This article delves into the details of these unfortunate events and the aftermath.

Quick Summary

  • Fire breaks out at Concord Boys High School in Eldoret, destroying a dormitory during students’ preps.
  • Ofafa Jericho High School in Nairobi witnesses a fire incident that affects a four-storey dormitory, leading to hospitalization of 43 students.
  • Investigations are underway to determine the causes of both incidents.

Concord Boys High School Blaze

In Eldoret, tragedy struck Concord Boys High School when one of the dormitories caught fire while students were in class for preps. The fire resulted in the destruction of students’ belongings, and the cause of the incident is yet to be established. Prompt action from the county fire engine helped contain the fire, preventing further damage. Investigations by the police are ongoing to uncover the circumstances leading to the blaze.

Ofafa Jericho High School Incident

Simultaneously, Ofafa Jericho High School in Nairobi faced a fire incident that affected a four-storey dormitory building. The fire consumed one wing of the building, specifically impacting six cubicles, each housing 20 beds. A total of 43 students were rushed to Metropolitan Hospital for treatment, and fortunately, no fatalities were reported. Parents and guardians, reassured by the school’s management, were addressed on-site. Police are actively investigating the cause of the fire, with the focus on establishing the factors that led to the dormitory blaze.

Widespread Concerns

These incidents raise widespread concerns about the safety and well-being of students in Kenyan schools. The causes of the fires remain unknown, and the ongoing investigations are crucial in preventing similar incidents in the future. The destruction of property, coupled with the emotional and physical toll on students, highlights the need for enhanced safety measures and fire prevention strategies in educational institutions.

Final Thoughts

The fires at Concord Boys High School and Ofafa Jericho High School are tragic events that demand thorough investigations to determine their causes and prevent future occurrences. The impact on students, both emotionally and academically, cannot be understated. The education authorities, along with school administrations, must prioritize the safety of students and take proactive measures to mitigate fire risks in schools. As investigations unfold, it is essential for the findings to inform comprehensive safety protocols and preventive measures across educational institutions in Kenya. The incidents serve as a somber reminder of the importance of prioritizing student safety and implementing robust fire safety practices in schools.


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