Lukenya Academy Triumphs in Machakos Swimming Championship: Qualifies Swimmers for Kampala Invitational

In a spectacular display of swimming prowess, Lukenya Academy emerged as the overall winner at the Private and Preparatory International Schools Sports Association (PIPSA) swimming championship held in Machakos. The two-day event, hosted at St. Bakhita Schools, witnessed intense competition among eight clubs, with Lukenya Academy securing an impressive 6000 points. The triumph not only showcased the academy’s commitment but also earned its swimmers qualifications for the upcoming Kampala Invitational Swimming Championship.

Quick Summary

  • Lukenya Academy dominates PIPSA swimming championship, securing 6000 points over two days.
  • Head coach Benson Okoth expresses satisfaction with the team’s performance and highlights the focus on qualifying for the Kampala Invitational.
  • Peter Mwangangi, head coach of Sea Horses Aquatics and national swim coach, commends the competitiveness of the event with 230 swimmers qualifying for the Kampala Invitational.
  • The Kampala Invitational, scheduled for April 10, attracts teams from East Africa, including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Lukenya Academy’s Triumph

Lukenya Academy’s head coach, Benson Okoth, expressed his delight at the victory, emphasizing the dedicated training efforts put in by the swimmers. Okoth stated, “We are glad our efforts did not go to waste, as my swimmers have been training hard to win this gala. Our focus was also for the majority of our swimmers to qualify for Kampala.” The academy’s success not only reflects individual achievements but also underscores the collaborative spirit within the team.

Impressive Display and Qualifications

Peter Mwangangi, head coach of Sea Horses Aquatics and a key figure in Machakos County Aquatics Association (MCAA), commended the competitiveness of the event. He expressed gratitude to the participants for their substantial turnout and excellent performances, saying, “It was a competitive event, and I thank the participants for showing up in big numbers and putting up a good show.” Remarkably, 230 swimmers from various teams showcased outstanding times, securing their qualification for the annual Kampala Invitational Swimming Championship.

Kampala Invitational: A Regional Showdown

The Kampala Invitational, scheduled for April 10 at Aquatics Kampala Arena, promises to be a regional spectacle. Teams from the East Africa region, including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and Tanzania, will compete for top honors. The qualification of Lukenya Academy’s swimmers adds to the anticipation of a fiercely contested event, showcasing the best talent from across the region.

Future Events: PIPSSA Inter County Sports Tournament

As the excitement lingers, teams from across the country are gearing up for the upcoming PIPSSA Inter County Sports Tournament. The event, scheduled for the weekend at St. Christopher’s School, Nanyuki, promises more exhilarating sportsmanship and athletic achievements.

Final Thoughts

Lukenya Academy’s triumph in the Machakos swimming championship not only highlights the academy’s dedication to excellence but also sets the stage for a thrilling regional showdown in Kampala. The success of the event, with a significant number of swimmers qualifying for the Kampala Invitational, underscores the growing prowess of swimming in the region. As the anticipation builds for future tournaments, the commitment and talent displayed by these young athletes continue to elevate the standard of aquatic sports in Kenya.


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