KUCCPS Opens Portal for KMTC Placement

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has recently unfurled an opportunity for aspiring medical professionals, opening its portal for students eager to join the esteemed Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC). In an official statement, KUCCPS underscored the primary goal of this placement—filling limited admission slots. The portal, a gateway to a promising medical education, will remain ajar until these coveted slots are occupied on a first-come basis.

It’s worth noting that these openings are a result of a subtle reshuffling, courtesy of students who, despite initial enthusiasm, failed to report after their previous registration. Aspiring candidates eyeing a spot at KMTC are encouraged to navigate the application process via the official portal at students.kuccps.net.

The recent missive from KUCCPS extends a cordial invitation to eligible and qualified secondary school graduates, beckoning them to seize the opportunity to enroll at the prestigious KMTC. The emphasis on eligibility and qualification reflects the commitment to maintaining a standard of excellence in medical education.

However, transparency enthusiasts might be disappointed, as KUCCPS has not explicitly disclosed the number of available slots or the criteria guiding their selection. The shroud of mystery adds an element of intrigue to the application process, keeping prospective students on the edge of anticipation.

In a prior announcement last October, KUCCPS unveiled the results of the second Kenya Medical Training College course application. Successful applicants, having received notifications via SMS, were directed to log in to the portal (http://students.kuccps.net) to check the status of their applications. This move aligns with KUCCPS’s commitment to leveraging technology for efficient communication with applicants.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first time KUCCPS has extended its helping hand to students aspiring to enroll at KMTC. In September, a similar initiative was launched to accommodate students who had initially missed out on KMTC placement. The flexibility of the system allowed these students to revisit their choices through the KUCCPS portal, enabling them to select an alternative KMTC course without incurring any additional charges.

This extension serves a dual purpose—providing students with a second chance and affording them the time to make informed decisions about their educational trajectory. The array of courses offered by KMTC encompasses a spectrum of healthcare disciplines, ranging from certificates in Medical Engineering, Health Records and Information Technology, Orthopedic Trauma Medicine, Community Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics to diplomas in Medical Laboratory Sciences, Radiography and Imaging, Health Counselling, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Community Health.


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