KUPPET’s Ultimatum: Refund of Housing Levy or Legal Action Against TSC


In a recent development, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has issued a stern ultimatum to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). KUPPET demands the refund of the housing levy deducted from teachers’ salaries within 14 days. Failure to comply will result in legal action against the TSC. This move comes after the housing levy, deemed illegal by the courts, was deducted from teachers’ February salaries, despite previous court orders against it.

Quick Summary:

  • Legal Ultimatum: KUPPET gives TSC 14 days to refund housing levy deductions or face legal repercussions.
  • Court Orders Defied: TSC’s deduction of housing levy despite court rulings sparks outrage from KUPPET.
  • Government’s Defiance: KUPPET highlights the government’s persistent disregard for court orders regarding the housing levy.

KUPPET’s Acting Secretary General, Moses Nthurima, condemns TSC’s actions as a blatant disobedience of court directives. Despite clear court rulings against the housing levy, TSC proceeded with deductions from teachers’ salaries, prompting KUPPET to demand immediate refunds.

TSC’s Justification Challenged:

TSC’s CEO, Nancy Macharia, attributes January deductions to timing, claiming they were made before the court order. However, KUPPET challenges this explanation, asserting that TSC had ample time to halt February deductions following the court ruling.

The Financial Impact:

The housing levy deductions affect teachers across salary brackets, with the highest-paid individuals facing substantial deductions. KUPPET emphasizes the financial strain on teachers and demands full reimbursement since the levy’s initiation in July the previous year.

KUPPET warns of legal repercussions should TSC fail to comply with their demands within the stipulated timeframe. Nthurima criticizes TSC’s alignment with the executive, highlighting the commission’s duty to uphold independence and adhere to legal mandates.

Legislative Developments:

Meanwhile, amidst the ongoing dispute, legislative advancements regarding the Housing Bill have taken place in Parliament. Despite opposition, the Bill progresses, awaiting deliberation in the Senate before potential presidential assent.


The standoff between KUPPET and TSC underscores broader issues regarding legal compliance and governmental accountability. As teachers await resolution, the outcome of this confrontation may significantly impact labor relations and the interpretation of legal mandates within Kenya’s education sector. The looming threat of legal action serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding judicial decisions and respecting the rights of employees.


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