Debate Showdown: Students Champion Environmental Discourse

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In a dynamic showcase of intellect and passion, secondary school students from Nairobi County converged at KCA University for a spirited debate on climate change, organized by Asharami Synergy Kenya. The event, which saw participation from five schools, provided a platform for students to engage with pressing environmental issues and articulate their views with conviction and clarity.

Quick Summary:

  • Five schools from Nairobi County engage in a thought-provoking debate on climate change at KCA University.
  • Upper Hill Boys High emerges victorious, showcasing exceptional debating skills and producing the Best Male Speaker.
  • The debate topics encompassed crucial environmental issues, including the accountability of the wealthy for environmental harm, the impact of energy-saving bulbs, and the global ban on plastics.

The competition witnessed students delving into complex environmental topics, including the role of economic disparity in environmental accountability, the efficacy of energy-saving light bulbs, and the urgency of a global ban on plastics. Through meticulous research and eloquent argumentation, participants navigated the intricacies of these issues, offering nuanced perspectives and compelling insights.

Ultimately, Upper Hill Boys High distinguished themselves, clinching the top spot in the competition and garnering praise for their articulate advocacy. Ryan Theuri, hailed as the Best Male Speaker, demonstrated exceptional oratory skills and a deep understanding of the environmental challenges facing society.

State House Girls High and Alliance High secured commendable positions, showcasing their intellectual prowess and commitment to environmental discourse. The participation of Alliance Girls High and Moi Girls School further enriched the debate, highlighting the diverse perspectives and experiences within the educational landscape.

Debola Adesanya, Country Manager of Asharami Synergy Kenya, emphasized the importance of engaging youth in environmental preservation efforts. She underscored the pivotal role of students in shaping sustainable solutions for the planet, urging continued involvement and collaboration across all sectors.

Lavinah Gonah, Operations Supervisor at Asharami Synergy Kenya, commended the students for their active participation and insightful contributions. She expressed gratitude to Asharami and Sahara Group for facilitating such enriching experiences for youth, envisioning a future marked by increased opportunities for dialogue and action on environmental issues.


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