Kuria East NGCDF Invests Ksh50M to Support Underprivileged University Students

Kuria East NGCDF demonstrates its commitment to education by allocating Ksh50 million to assist bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds in pursuing university education. Under the leadership of MP Marwa Kitayama, the NGCDF initiative aims to empower students from Kuria East to access higher education opportunities, marking a significant stride towards educational equity and social development.

Quick Summary:

  • Financial Support for Bright Students: Kuria East NGCDF allocates Ksh50 million to support underprivileged students in pursuing university education, reflecting a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering equal opportunities in education.
  • Visionary Leadership: MP Marwa Kitayama expresses delight in witnessing his vision of increasing university enrollment from Kuria East materialize through financial assistance initiatives.
  • Community Collaboration: Kitayama calls for unity and collective effort in supporting education development, urging residents to prioritize education over divisive politics.
  • Investment in Infrastructure: NGCDF initiatives extend beyond financial aid, with the construction of seven secondary schools equipped with modern infrastructure and adequate teaching staff.
  • Empowering the Girl Child: Emphasizing the importance of education for girls, Kitayama advocates for gender equality in access to education and urges parents to value the education of their daughters.

Empowering Students, Transforming Communities

Kuria East NGCDF’s investment in education reflects a commitment to empowering students and transforming communities through knowledge and opportunity. By providing financial assistance to bright yet underprivileged students, the initiative not only opens doors to higher education but also fosters social mobility and economic empowerment.

Advocating for Gender Equality

MP Marwa Kitayama’s advocacy for gender equality in education underscores the importance of empowering the girl child and dismantling gender-based barriers to education. By encouraging parents to prioritize the education of their daughters and advocating against harmful practices like FGM, Kitayama champions the rights of girls to access quality education and fulfill their potential.

Collaboration for Sustainable Development

The NGCDF’s multifaceted approach, which includes infrastructure development and advocacy for adequate teaching staff and clean water supply, highlights the importance of collaboration between government agencies, community leaders, and educational stakeholders. By leveraging partnerships and resources, Kuria East aims to create an enabling environment for holistic educational development and community well-being.


Kuria East NGCDF’s investment in education exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing socio-economic disparities and promoting inclusive development. Through financial assistance, infrastructure development, and advocacy for gender equality, Kuria East is laying the foundation for a brighter future, where every student has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society. As initiatives like these continue to unfold, Kuria East is poised to emerge as a beacon of educational excellence and social progress in the region.


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