Murang’a University of Technology Students Conduct Peaceful Elections, Elect New Officials

Students of Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) have demonstrated civic responsibility and maturity by conducting peaceful and successful elections to select new student leaders. The election, held at both the Main Campus in Murang’a and the Mariira Campus in Kigumo, resulted in the election of Justice Jabali as President, signaling a new era of student representation and governance.

Quick Summary:

  • Peaceful Electoral Process: MUT students participate in a peaceful and successful election to choose their new student leaders, showcasing their commitment to democratic principles and responsible citizenship.
  • Election Results: Justice Jabali emerges as the President, with Mitchel Mukami elected as the Vice President and Onesmus Njuguna appointed as the Secretary General. The Nexus Party (NP) secures victory at the Main Campus, while the Comrades Restoration Party (CRP) triumphs at Mariira Campus.
  • University Support: MUT Vice Chancellor, Prof Dickson Nyariki, congratulates the newly elected officials and pledges the university’s support in working collaboratively with student leaders to address student concerns and enhance campus life.

New Student Leadership Team

  • President: Justice Jabali
  • Vice President: Mitchel Mukami
  • Secretary General: Onesmus Njuguna
  • Treasurer: Edward Oyaro
  • Academic Department: Marcelline Mogisi
  • Catering and Accommodation: Alice Syokau
  • Entertainment and Sports: Michael Okoth

University-Student Collaboration

MUT Vice Chancellor, Prof Dickson Nyariki, emphasizes the importance of cooperation between university administration and student leaders. He reassures the student body that the university leadership will work hand in hand with the newly elected officials to address student needs and enhance the overall student experience.


The peaceful and successful elections at Murang’a University of Technology underscore the commitment of MUT students to democratic values and responsible leadership. As the newly elected officials assume their roles, they carry the responsibility of representing the interests of the student body and fostering a conducive learning environment. With the support of the university administration, the student leadership team is poised to enact positive change and contribute to the vibrant campus community at MUT.


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