Liz Foundation Grants Last-Minute Scholarships to Six Kisumu Candidates

In a heartwarming turn of events, six exceptional candidates who faced uncertainty after the 2023 KCPE exams in Nyakach, Kisumu County, have been granted a lifeline through last-minute scholarships from the Liz Foundation. Despite the challenges posed by financial constraints, these promising students can now embark on their secondary school journey with hope and excitement.

From Despair to Delight

The six candidates, initially faced with the harsh reality of being unable to afford school fees and essential items, found themselves on the receiving end of a benevolent act by the Liz Foundation. The girls, who had lost hope due to their parents’ financial struggles, were elated as they received full scholarships, a timely and much-needed miracle.

Their expressions of joy were palpable as they broke into song and dance, celebrating the newfound opportunity that the Liz Foundation had generously extended to them.

Overcoming Peculiar Challenges

Wendy Akinyi, one of the beneficiaries, emerged as a standout candidate with a remarkable score of 385 marks. Her situation was compounded by the recent loss of her father in the clashes at the Kericho-Kisumu border. The Liz Foundation, recognizing the unique challenges faced by these top-performing students, made a conscious decision to extend support to those in dire need.

James Opinya, the Foundation’s chairman, emphasized their commitment to not only covering school fees but also addressing the students’ basic needs throughout their secondary education. This holistic approach aims to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder these promising minds from realizing their full potential.

A Beacon of Hope Amid Government Initiatives

The Liz Foundation’s intervention comes at a crucial time when the government, led by Education CS Ezekiel Machogu, is planning a door-to-door mop-up drive to ensure the 100% transition policy is achieved. While the government works towards this goal, the Liz Foundation’s initiative stands as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the impact that private entities can have in complementing broader educational policies.

As these six candidates embark on their high school journey, the Liz Foundation’s act of kindness serves as a reminder that collective efforts, both public and private, are vital in ensuring that no deserving student is left behind. The scholarships provided not only open doors to education but also symbolize a community coming together to nurture the dreams of its youth.


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