Machakos Students Design Robot to Tackle School Litter


In a remarkable display of ingenuity and creativity, students from Kilembwa Secondary School in Machakos County are spearheading an innovative project to design a robot tasked with picking litter within the school premises. Supported by Kenya Connect (KC) and the Future Investment Initiative (FII), these students are not only addressing a practical need but also gaining invaluable skills in technology and innovation.

Quick Summary:

  • Project Overview: Students from Kilembwa Secondary School are collaborating to design a robot, named ‘Lobster,’ aimed at automating litter collection on campus.
  • Partnerships: The initiative is made possible through the support of Kenya Connect and the Future Investment Initiative, which provided laptops and robotic kits to facilitate innovation.
  • Educational Impact: The project is not only enhancing students‘ interest in technology but also equipping them with vital ICT skills, positioning them for future success in a digital world.

Empowering Students through Technology

The ‘Lobster’ project represents a significant leap forward in integrating technology into education, particularly in remote areas. By providing students with access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, the initiative is igniting a passion for innovation and problem-solving among learners.

Transforming Attitudes towards Learning

Mr. Michael Muthama, a teacher at Kilembwa Secondary School, underscores the positive impact of ICT infrastructure on students’ attitudes towards learning. The availability of a computer lab has not only increased students’ interest but also provided a platform for hands-on learning and experimentation.

Fostering Future Innovators

Maxwell Karanja, a form two student aspiring to become an aeronautical engineer, highlights the transformative nature of the project. By participating in the design and development of the ‘Lobster’ robot, students like Karanja are gaining practical experience and honing their ICT skills, paving the way for future success in their chosen fields.

Revolutionizing Campus Cleanliness

The ‘Lobster’ robot is set to revolutionize campus cleanliness by automating the process of litter collection. Equipped with color sensors and programmed to detect and dispose of litter, the robot will not only save students time but also minimize the risk of infection associated with manual cleaning.

Innovative Features

Karanja explains that the ‘Lobster’ robot will be programmed to identify litter based on color and autonomously navigate the school compound to collect and dispose of waste. With a computer monitoring its movements, the robot promises to streamline campus maintenance while empowering students to focus on their studies.


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