Maranda Boys High School Reigns Supreme: 2023 KCSE Results Analysis

In the heart of Siaya County, Maranda Boys High School stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence, not only within its local community but throughout the entire nation. The recently released KCSE 2023 results have once again showcased the exceptional performance of Maranda High, solidifying its position as a national center of academic distinction.

Consistent Excellence

With a candidature of 605 students, Maranda High School has maintained its remarkable track record in the 2023 KCSE results. The school has rightfully earned the prestigious title of the top school in the Nyanza region for the 2023/2024 academic year, reaffirming its consistent commitment to academic excellence.

Impressive Leadership and Legacy

Under the esteemed leadership of Edwin Nemachanja, recipient of the Principal of the Year (POYA) award for the Nyanza region in May 2019, Maranda High School continues to set the bar for educational leadership. The school’s commitment to nurturing academic excellence is evident not only in the results but also in its legacy of consistent performance.

Striking Grade Distribution

Breaking down the KCSE 2023 results, Maranda High School showcases a diverse range of academic achievements. Out of the 605 candidates, an impressive 68 secured the highest grade of A, while 143 attained A-. The distribution further includes 144 students with B+, 89 with B, and 71 with B-. The commitment to excellence is evident as the school ensures a comprehensive spread of grades, catering to the diverse strengths of its students.

Exceptional Pass Rate and Academic Diversity

Maranda High School boasts an entry pass rate of 90.5455%, emphasizing not only academic success but also inclusivity. The school has successfully carved a niche for itself by fostering a learning environment that celebrates diverse talents and strengths. With 0 students in the lower grades of D, D-, E, and X, Maranda High School maintains an unwavering focus on elevating academic achievements.

A Continuation of Success

In a remarkable display of continuity, the school had already achieved a remarkable mean score of 9.5455 in the 2022 KCSE, with an outstanding 90.18% of students gaining direct admission to universities. Maranda High School’s commitment to excellence remains unshaken, providing a testament to its enduring impact on the educational landscape.


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