Masinde Muliro Varsity Plans to Address 10,000 Housing Deficit, Reports Chairperson Sitienei

Dr. Pamela Sitienei, the Chairperson leading Masinde Muliro University’s seventh council, prioritizes the university’s students as principal stakeholders in the pursuit of 21st-century facilities at the institution. In an effort to enhance student experiences and address critical community issues, Masinde Muliro University in Kenya is taking bold steps.

The university grapples with a significant housing deficit of 10,000 units as one of its pressing challenges. Dr. Sitienei disclosed that a team of investors, collaborating with the State Department for Housing, actively refurbishes existing hostels and constructs new ones to address this shortfall. This initiative embodies an effort, leveraging the available land resources at hand, from various parties towards an effective resolution.

In its pursuit of enhanced efficiency and accountability, the council has actively sought out donors; their support will pave the way for an automated future—a paradigm shift where all university processes are streamlined. The current focus is on installing a cutting-edge education management system that aims to simplify admission procedures, fees management, and hostel applications. Dr. Sitienei underlines with fervor: this new system not only promises significant improvements but also tackles prevalent issues head-on—obliterating concerns like missing marks while promoting easy transcript access—a time-saving measure that boosts overall effectiveness.

Dr. Sitienei emphasized the university’s commitment to environmental sustainability through its embrace of carbon trading and discussions with companies for support in transitioning to gas cooking. The decision aligns with this commitment: it allows students carrying fee balances a graduation option – they can pay later, manifesting inclusivity inherent not only within our institution but also resonating powerfully in Kenya Kwanza’s bottom-up economic model—a testament indeed that social justice drives all aspects of our ethos!

University Vice Chancellor, Prof Solomon Shibairo, refreshingly commits to integrity and declares a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption. He affirms his dedication: he will resist irregular employment; he will not succumb to tendering pressures—underlining that financial gain does not drive him.

Kipchumba Murkomen, the Chief Guest and Roads/Infrastructure CS at the 20th Graduation Ceremony of our University, pledged support from the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura). The plans he announced included paving all university streets with Cabro and approving designs for a footbridge that would cost Sh241 million.

Additionally, Murkomen urged universities to establish robust connections with the job market; he issued a caution against tribalizing these institutions. Masinde Muliro University’s commitment—emanating from infrastructure development and extending towards technological advancements—demonstrates its dedication to crafting an environment conducive to progressive learning among its students: this is truly a holistic approach.


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