Legal Showdown Looms as KUPPET Challenges TSC’s Housing Levy Deductions

In a brewing legal storm, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has unequivocally declared its intent to take Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to court if it continues with the contentious housing levy deductions. This comes after TSC allegedly defied a recent court order instructing it to cease the deductions from teachers’ salaries. The battle lines are drawn as KUPPET, through its Secretary General Akello Misori, vows to protect the hard-earned salaries of its members.

Quick Summary

  • KUPPET threatens legal action against TSC for defying a court order on housing levy deductions.
  • Secretary General Akello Misori accuses TSC of violating the law and jeopardizing teachers’ earnings.
  • KUPPET demands immediate rectification and release of the allegedly illegally deducted taxes.

In a strongly-worded statement, Secretary General Akello Misori expressed the union’s shock at TSC’s blatant disregard for the court order. Despite the ruling providing ample time for adjustments to the payroll, TSC proceeded to implement the housing levy deductions in January, signaling, according to Misori, a willful disobedience of the law.

Misori outlined the union’s resolve to safeguard its members’ financial interests, stating, “KUPPET will take all measures to protect members’ hard-earned salaries and benefits.” This includes the possibility of instituting contempt proceedings against TSC officials in their personal capacities.

KUPPET’s Demands

Amidst the economic challenges faced by teachers and the broader Kenyan population, KUPPET decries what it perceives as an irresponsible act by the employer – making illegal deductions on workers’ payslips. The union has sought assurance from TSC that it will henceforth adhere to court orders, particularly those related to the contentious housing tax.

“Amid the grave economic difficulties the teachers and indeed all Kenyans face, the last thing we expect from a responsible employer is the making of illegal deductions on workers’ payslips. KUPPET demands the immediate release of the illegally deducted taxes to teachers,” insisted Misori.

Implications for TSC

As the legal battle looms, TSC faces potential legal ramifications for its decision to proceed with the housing levy deductions. The controversy not only puts the commission in direct confrontation with KUPPET but also raises questions about its commitment to respecting and adhering to court orders.

Final Thoughts

The standoff between KUPPET and TSC highlights the delicate balance between employer interests and the rights of employees. The legal proceedings that KUPPET intends to initiate could have far-reaching implications not only for the teaching fraternity but also for the broader discourse on adherence to court orders within the Kenyan employment landscape. As the legal drama unfolds, it remains to be seen how TSC will respond to the union’s challenge and whether a resolution can be reached without protracted legal proceedings.


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