KUPPET’s Fight for Inclusivity and Procedural Justice

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) is undergoing internal debates and concerns regarding proposed changes to its constitution, particularly the introduction of proportionate representation (Pro-rata). Paul Kipchumba Rotich, the Executive Secretary of KUPPET Nandi branch, has expressed strong reservations about this amendment, emphasizing the need for due process and equal representation among all branches.

Quick Summary

  • Pro-rata Opposition: KUPPET Nandi branch’s Executive Secretary, Paul Rotich, rejects the introduction of proportionate representation (Pro-rata) in the union’s constitution, deeming it discriminative.
  • Equality Concerns: Rotich argues that Pro-rata could create inequality, favoring branches with more delegates and potentially leading to amendments that benefit select officials.
  • Due Process Objection: Rotich raises concerns about the lack of due process in introducing Pro-rata, stating that the proposal was inserted into the minutes without proper discussion during the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) meeting.
  • Inclusivity Advocacy: The KUPPET boss advocates for an inclusive constitutional amendment process, involving all members across the country in discussions.
  • Additional Proposals: Rotich puts forth several proposals for consideration, including an affordable nomination fee, retirement age alignment with TSC standards, compliance with gender representation requirements, and the inclusion of Junior Secondary Schools, youth, and people with disabilities.
  • Controversial Clauses: Rotich highlights clauses allegedly sneaked into the current constitution, such as the nomination fee, resignation clause, and retirement age, raising concerns about transparency.

Protecting Democratic Values

Paul Rotich’s opposition to Pro-rata and his call for an inclusive and transparent constitutional amendment process underscore the importance of democratic values within the union. The concerns about potential discrimination and the need for equal representation reflect a commitment to fairness and justice in the decision-making processes of KUPPET.

Due Process and Transparency

Rotich’s objection to the lack of due process in introducing Pro-rata highlights the importance of transparency in internal union affairs. Ensuring that constitutional changes are discussed openly and all members have a voice in the decision-making process contributes to the legitimacy of the amendments.

Advocating for Inclusivity and Affordability

The additional proposals put forth by Rotich demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and affordability within KUPPET. The call for affordable nomination fees, alignment with TSC retirement age standards, and broader representation in the national office align with principles of fairness and equity.


KUPPET Nandi branch’s stand against the introduction of Pro-rata and the advocacy for due process, inclusivity, and transparency in constitutional amendments reflect a commitment to democratic values within the union. The ongoing discussions within KUPPET highlight the importance of balancing representation and ensuring that all members have a fair and equal say in shaping the future of the organization.


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