Protecting Teachers: KUPPET’s Stand Against Harassment and Intimidation

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Kisii branch has issued a strong statement against the harassment of teachers by parents, particularly in the wake of the 2023 KCSE results. The union warns that if such harassment continues, it will demand the transfer of teachers or consider industrial action. KUPPET emphasizes that teachers deserve respect as professionals and custodians of knowledge, and any form of intimidation affects not only the teachers but also the confidence of the students in their educators.

Quick Summary

  • Threatened Action: KUPPET Kisii branch threatens to demand the transfer of teachers or go on strike if parents persist in harassing teachers over poor KCSE results.
  • Barbaric Practice: The union condemns the practice of parents giving ultimatums to schools for teacher transfers and considers it barbaric.
  • Collective Responsibility: KUPPET stresses that raising education standards and achieving good performance is a collective responsibility, urging parents to find amicable solutions to problems with teachers.
  • Appeal to Education CS: The branch calls on Education CS Ezekiel Machogu to intervene and protect teachers from harassment, emphasizing the impact on innocent children caught in the middle.
  • Court Ruling: KUPPET welcomes a recent court ruling that halted the deduction of the Housing levy from workers’ payslips and calls for a refund of deductions already made. The union expresses optimism about potential relief for double deductions made on retirement funds.
  • CEO’s Appreciation: Mwalimu Sacco CEO Isaiah Onyambu appreciates members for their consistent savings despite economic challenges, urging them to maintain the momentum for desirable dividends.

Addressing Teacher Harassment

KUPPET Kisii branch’s firm stance against the harassment of teachers underscores the importance of creating a conducive environment for educators. The union emphasizes the need for a collaborative effort in addressing challenges within the education sector and calls on parents to engage in constructive dialogue rather than resorting to intimidation.

The union’s reference to recent court rulings reflects its commitment to legal advocacy in protecting the rights of teachers. Additionally, KUPPET’s concerns about economic issues, such as the housing levy and double deductions, highlight the broader context within which teachers operate. The union seeks fairness and justice for its members on both professional and financial fronts.

Maintaining Professionalism and Dedication

As KUPPET addresses these challenges, it encourages teachers to remain dedicated to their profession while also speaking out when their rights are violated. The union’s appeal for respect and fair treatment aligns with the principles of professionalism and mutual understanding in the education sector.


KUPPET Kisii branch’s proactive stance not only safeguards the rights of teachers but also emphasizes the interconnectedness of stakeholders in the education process. It calls for a harmonious relationship between teachers and parents to ensure the well-being of both educators and students.


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