Ministry Guidelines: Effective Utilization of FPE Funds for Term 1

The Ministry of Education has issued comprehensive guidelines for the utilization of Free Primary Education (FPE) funds for the first term in public primary schools. The Circular, dated January 15, 2024, outlines the allocated amounts per learner in both the First (Simba) Account and the Second (General Purpose) Account. Headteachers are instructed to strictly adhere to these guidelines, with a particular emphasis on acknowledgment of fund receipts through the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS). The guidelines aim to ensure transparent and efficient utilization of the allocated funds.

Quick Summary

  • Disbursed Amount: The Ministry disbursed a total of Ksh620 per learner, with Ksh295.50 allocated to the First (Simba) Account and Ksh324.50 to the Second (General Purpose) Account.
  • Utilization Breakdown for Simba Account:
    • Textbooks and supplementary readers: Ksh39.70
    • Textbooks maintenance: Ksh11
    • Exercise books: Ksh153.50
    • Teachers’ guides and reference materials: Ksh54.80
    • Stationery: Ksh36.50
  • Utilization Breakdown for General Purpose Account (GPA):
    • Support Staff Wages (SSW): Ksh96.40
    • Renovation, Repairs Maintenance and Improvement (RMI) of Physical Facilities: Ksh51.70
    • Activity: Ksh17.90
    • Local Transport and Travelling (LT&T): Ksh17.20
    • Electricity Water and Conservancy (EWC): Ksh31
    • Telephone, Box Rental, and Postage: Ksh3.50
    • Environment and Sanitation: Ksh27.60
    • Capacity Building and Meetings (BOM): Ksh41.30
    • Contingencies: Ksh6.90
    • Science and Applied Technology: Ksh6.90
    • ICT Infrastructure Materials: Ksh6.90
    • Assessment and Examinations: Ksh17.20
  • Monitoring and Display: Sub County Directors of Education (SCDEs) are directed to monitor fund utilization closely, and headteachers are advised to display capitation receipts on school notice boards.
  • Future Disbursements: Future disbursements will be based on data from NEMIS, emphasizing the importance of regularly updating school enrollment on the platform.

Ensuring Transparency and Accountability

The guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in the utilization of FPE funds. Headteachers are not only required to adhere to the specified allocations but are also urged to display capitation receipts on school notice boards, fostering openness and communication within the school community. The emphasis on NEMIS data for future disbursements further aligns with the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for efficient educational management.

Stakeholder Involvement

The involvement of Sub County Directors of Education in monitoring fund utilization emphasizes the collaborative effort required to ensure effective implementation. Additionally, the inclusion of Board of Management (BOM) meetings in the decision-making process reinforces the importance of stakeholder engagement at the school level.


The Ministry’s guidelines provide a structured framework for the prudent use of FPE funds, promoting responsible financial management in public primary schools. As headteachers and education officials implement these guidelines, they contribute to the overall enhancement of the education sector by ensuring that resources are allocated judiciously for the benefit of learners.


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