‘Masomo Bora’ Program in Kiharu Day Secondary Schools

In a bid to enhance education standards and alleviate financial burdens on parents, the Kiharu National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has launched the ‘Kiharu Masomo Bora’ program. This initiative, spearheaded by MP Ndindi Nyoro, aims to provide resources that will elevate academic standards and improve infrastructure in local day secondary schools.

Quick Summary

  • Program Launch: The ‘Kiharu Masomo Bora’ program, initiated by the Kiharu NG-CDF, was launched by MP Ndindi Nyoro to uplift education standards in the area’s day secondary schools.
  • Financial Relief: Under this program, students in 62 local day secondary schools will pay only Sh.1000 per term, with the NG-CDF covering the rest of the school fees.
  • Partnership with Food for Education: A partnership with the Food for Education program ensures that students receive free meals six days a week, including a cup of porridge at 10 am, and either Githeri or rice for lunch on alternating days. Chapatis will be provided on the last Friday of each month.
  • Remedial Classes Support: Recognizing the need for extra tuition, the program caps the amount payable per student for remedial classes at Sh.1000, promoting academic support.
  • Free Enrollment Incentives: Schools with a student population of fewer than 100 students will not charge fees for the first term, and new students will receive free school uniforms, encouraging enrollment.
  • Infrastructure Upgrades: Sh.100 million has been allocated for infrastructure upgrades, including laboratories, libraries, and floor tiling, demonstrating a commitment to improving school facilities.
  • Revision Books Fund: Sh.20 million has been set aside for revision books over the same financial period, enhancing educational resources for students.
  • Equal Treatment for All: Regardless of their origin, all students enrolling in Kiharu day secondary schools will receive the same treatment and pay the same amount under this initiative.
  • Financial Stability Commitment: In the face of rising living costs, Nyoro assured that NG-CDF would cover financial differences caused by inflation, ensuring parents are not burdened.

Empowering Education in Kiharu

The ‘Kiharu Masomo Bora’ program marks a significant stride toward empowering education in the region. By providing financial relief, nutritional support, and incentives for enrollment, the program not only addresses immediate challenges but also lays the foundation for a more robust and inclusive educational system.

Collaboration and Success

The success of the initiative’s pilot phase reflects the collaboration between school principals and the NG-CDF. The commitment to covering financial differences caused by inflation underscores the dedication to sustaining the program’s positive impact.

Final Thoughts

As Kiharu embraces the ‘Masomo Bora’ initiative, it sets a commendable example of proactive community-driven efforts to enhance education. By prioritizing financial accessibility, nutritional support, and infrastructure development, the program emerges as a holistic approach to creating an enriched learning environment. As the initiative unfolds, it holds the promise of transforming the educational landscape in Kiharu, potentially inspiring similar endeavors across the country.


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