Schools Given One-Month Ultimatum to Pay for Post Office Boxes

The Ministry of Education has just dropped some news on schools across the country. It turns out that many of these institutions have been slacking off when it comes to paying for their post office boxes. In a circular sent to all county education directors, Paul Kibet, the Director of Secondary Education, delivered the message on behalf of the esteemed Principal Secretary, Belio Kipsang. The directive was crystal clear: schools with arrears in payment must clear their debts using the resources allocated to them.

According to Kibet, the Postal Corporation, bless their hearts, brought this matter to the attention of the Ministry. They revealed that schools all over the country have been lagging behind in settling their dues for those lovely little post office boxes. It’s like forgetting to pay your electricity bill and wondering why your lights go out, isn’t it?

But wait, there’s more! The Ministry didn’t stop at scolding these schools for their financial indiscipline. They also issued a stern warning against the despicable act of sharing post office boxes. Each learning institution has its own allocation of resources, my friends, and that includes a dedicated post office box. No sharing allowed!

Now, for those daredevils who have already been sharing these precious boxes, fear not! You have been given a one-month grace period to make things right. Use this time wisely and apply for your own post office box. It’s like going from bunk beds to having your own cozy little room.


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