National Parents Association Calls for Action Against Parents Keeping Children from School

The National Parents Association (NPA) has raised concerns and criticized parents who continue to keep their children out of school due to unpaid fees. NPA Chairperson Silas Obuhasta has emphasized the crucial role of education and urged authorities to take action against parents who deny their children access to learning opportunities.

Quick Summary

  • NPA Chairperson Silas Obuhasta has expressed dissatisfaction with parents who have not sent their children to school, particularly in the case of Junior Secondary School students.
  • Obuhasta calls for the arrest of parents who keep their children at home over lack of school fees, emphasizing the significance of children attending school.
  • The NPA highlights President William Ruto’s directive, stating that all students should be in school as the government has released capitation funds to institutions.
  • Obuhasta urges parents to fulfill their responsibilities in providing education for their children and calls on the government to mobilize school-going children from Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) upwards.
  • Parents are encouraged to visit schools and engage with heads of institutions to discuss fee-related issues, in accordance with a circular issued by Basic Education PS Belio Kipsang in 2023, stating that no student should be sent home over fees.

Addressing Concerns and Expectations

Silas Obuhasta expresses disappointment in parents who keep their children at home, emphasizing the government’s financial support to schools through capitation funds. He believes that parents who neglect their duty to send their children to school should face legal consequences.

Obuhasta acknowledges the challenges faced by parents in meeting financial obligations but insists that blaming school heads for fee-related matters is unjust. He urges parents to actively participate in discussions with school authorities regarding fees.

Government Directives and Circulars

The NPA Chairperson reminds parents of President William Ruto’s directive, emphasizing that the government has disbursed funds to schools for the education of all students. He calls on provincial administrations to assist in mobilizing school-going children and ensuring their immediate return to schools.

In reference to a circular issued by Basic Education PS Belio Kipsang in 2023, Obuhasta clarifies that while no student should be sent home over fees, this directive does not absolve parents from their responsibility to clear outstanding fee arrears.

Concerns from Specific Areas

Obuhasta acknowledges receiving complaints from specific regions, including Machakos County, Mbooni, and Mitamboni, where parents accuse school heads of sending children home over fees. He emphasizes that no school head should go against government directives, and such actions would be considered a violation of the law.

In conclusion, the NPA, through Obuhasta, calls for collaboration between parents and school authorities, adherence to government directives, and the prioritization of children’s education despite financial challenges. The focus remains on fostering an environment where every child has the opportunity to attend school without hindrance.


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