Supermarlins and Crawford School Make Waves at Kiambu Level One Aquatic Swimming Championship

In a spectacular showcase of aquatic prowess, the Supermarlins swim club and Crawford School emerged as the undisputed champions at the Kiambu Level One Aquatic Swimming Championship, hosted at the Mpesa Academy in Thika. The thrilling competition unfolded over two days, leaving an indelible mark on the swimming scene in Kiambu.

Quick Summary

  • Supermarlins swim club claimed the overall title with an impressive 72 points, showcasing their dominance in the pool.
  • Crawford School secured the second position with 65 points, while Nova Pioneer secured a commendable third place.
  • In the boys’ category, Supermarlins topped the charts with 51 points, followed by Hydrolift and Genesis Sports Club in second and third positions, respectively.
  • Crawford School took top honors in the girls’ category, amassing 37 points, with Nova Pioneer and Loreto Convent Valley Road securing second and third positions.
  • Individual standouts include Leon Mwenda of Marlins Super Club in the 12-13 years category and Dustin Mouhammadi of Crawford School in the 14-15 age group.

Dominance in Performance

Supermarlins demonstrated their aquatic supremacy by clinching the overall title with a remarkable 72 points. Crawford School, not to be outdone, secured a solid second position with 65 points. Nova Pioneer showcased their swimming prowess by securing the third spot on the podium. The competition not only reflected the individual brilliance of swimmers but also highlighted the exceptional teamwork and training ethos of the participating clubs.

Individual Brilliance

Leon Mwenda of Marlins Super Club emerged as a standout performer, topping the points table in the fiercely contested 12-13 years category with an impressive 86 points. Meanwhile, Dustin Mouhammadi of Crawford School showcased his swimming prowess by leading all scorers in the 14-15 age group with 71 points. These individual achievements added a layer of excitement to an already thrilling championship.

Coach’s Perspective

Crawford School coach Omar Omari expressed satisfaction with the performance of his swimmers, emphasizing the competitive nature of the event. He hinted at more to come from the dedicated group of swimmers, underlining their commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in the sport.

Future Prospects and Accreditation

Nesmus Mbati, the Kiambu Aquatics Public Relations Officer, shared optimistic news about the future of swimming in the region. He mentioned that a substantial number of swimmers have qualified for the level two championship scheduled for February 10-11 at the same venue. Additionally, he highlighted plans for World Aquatic accredited swimming coaches to conduct a three-day clinic in April, aiming to elevate the skills of local swimming coaches.

Final Thoughts

The Kiambu Level One Aquatic Swimming Championship not only showcased remarkable talent but also symbolized the dedication, hard work, and passion of the swimming community in Kiambu. Supermarlins and Crawford School’s triumphs set the stage for future competitions, promising an exciting journey for the sport in the region. As swimmers gear up for the upcoming level two championship, the ripples of success from this event reverberate, inspiring a new wave of enthusiasm and excellence in the world of aquatic sports.


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