PAC Calls for Forensic Audit of TSC Payroll Amid Allegations of Malpractices

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly has called for a forensic audit of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) payroll following allegations of malpractices within the payment system for tutors. Here are the key highlights from the committee’s recent sitting:

Allegations and Concerns:

Call for Forensic Audit:

  • PAC emphasized the need for a forensic audit to thoroughly investigate and root out any malpractices within the TSC payroll system.
  • Nominated MP John Mbadi stressed the importance of understanding the issues with the payroll system through a forensic audit to prompt necessary reviews and improvements.

CEO’s Response:

  • Dr. Nancy Macharia, CEO of TSC, attributed the overpayments to inefficient reporting systems, particularly due to the manual nature of operations.
  • Macharia highlighted delays in stopping salary payments upon events like death, resignation, and absenteeism, contributing to the overpayments.
  • She acknowledged concerns about the lack of a medical cover for staff, attributing the delay in procurement to delayed funds disbursement from the Treasury.

Remedial Measures:

  • TSC has developed an overpayment policy and introduced online services to enhance efficiency in handling issues such as death, resignation, and absenteeism for better payroll management.
  • Macharia assured the committee of efforts to digitize systems to address gaps contributing to salary overpayments and improve overall payroll efficiency.

Committee’s Demands:

  • The committee demanded that TSC expedite the adoption of a digitized system to address loopholes leading to salary overpayments and mitigate concerns about salary delays reported by some teachers.


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