Primary Teacher II TSC Salary & Allowances (Grade B5, T Scale 5)

The role of a Primary Teacher II is pivotal in shaping the educational foundation for children, and understanding the associated salary and allowances is crucial for those in or aspiring to join this impactful profession. provides comprehensive insights into the salary structure and allowances for Primary Teacher II, Grade B5, T-Scale 5, under the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), shedding light on the financial aspects of this essential role.

New Basic Salary Points:

  • Salary Point 1: Ksh 22,793
  • Salary Point 2: Ksh 23,838
  • Salary Point 3: Ksh 24,927
  • Salary Point 4: Ksh 26,065
  • Salary Point 5: Ksh 27,272
  • Salary Point 6: Ksh 28,491

Allowances for Teacher II Basic Salary:

In addition to the revised basic salary, the TSC has made adjustments to various allowances, recognizing the significant impact these have on the overall compensation for primary teachers:

  1. Hardship Allowance: Teachers in Grade B5, T-Scale 5, will receive a hardship allowance of Ksh 6,600.
  2. Commuter Allowance: A commuter allowance of Ksh 4,000 has been set to cater to the transportation needs of primary teachers.
  3. Annual Leave Allowance: Primary teachers are entitled to an annual leave allowance of Ksh 4,000, acknowledging the importance of rest and recreation.
  4. Disability Guide Allowance: A disability guide allowance of Ksh 20,000 is allocated to provide additional support for teachers facing specific challenges.

These allowances are a testament to the Teachers Service Commission’s commitment to recognizing the efforts of primary teachers and addressing the challenges they may encounter in their roles. The recent salary adjustments and allowance revisions are anticipated to boost morale and motivation among primary teachers, contributing to an overall improvement in the quality of education delivered to students across the nation.

These positive steps reflect a commitment to valuing the crucial work of educators and ensuring that they receive fair and adequate compensation for their dedication to shaping the future through education.


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