Principal in Kisii Given 72 Hours to Vacate School Over Poor KCSE Results

In a surprising turn of events, Lawrence Juma, the Principal of Amabuko Secondary School in Kisii County, has allegedly been given a 72-hour ultimatum to vacate the school premises. The threat, conveyed through leaflets found around the school, accuses Juma of poor management and attributes the school’s decline in KCSE results to his leadership.

Allegations Against Lawrence Juma

  • Poor Management and KCSE Results: The leaflets claim that Juma’s poor management has led to a significant decline in the school’s KCSE results. In the previous year, the school allegedly attained a mean score of 4.8, a stark decrease from 9.8 in 2022.
  • Accusations of Mismanagement: Juma is accused of running the school “like his personal kiosk” and spending considerable time in local bars, neglecting his duties. The leaflets also suggest that his management style contributed to financial mismanagement, leaving the school’s account bankrupt and unable to pay support staff for several months.

Denial by Parents

  • Parental Denial: Parents in the area have distanced themselves from the leaflets, denying any association with the threatening messages. They assert that whoever spread the papers does not have a child at the school and emphasize the importance of collective responsibility in building education standards.
  • Appeal for Investigation: Parents are appealing to the Police and the Ministry of Education to investigate the source of the leaflets and identify those responsible. They believe that a thorough investigation is necessary to uncover the truth behind the accusations.

Authorities’ Response

  • Unsuccessful Attempts to Contact CDE: Efforts by Education News to contact the County Director of Education (CDE) Philip Chirchir for comments on the matter have been unsuccessful.
  • Promise of Police Investigation: The County Police Commander Charles Kases has stated that he has not received any official reports regarding the issue. However, he has promised to initiate an investigation into the matter.

Final Thoughts

The situation at Amabuko Secondary School in Kisii County raises concerns about the challenges faced by school administrators and the potential repercussions of perceived poor performance. As the allegations against Principal Lawrence Juma unfold, the call for a thorough investigation becomes crucial to ascertain the facts and address the grievances raised by both the accusers and the accused.


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