Muraga TTI Celebrates Inaugural Graduation with Over 480 Youth Entering the Job Market

Muraga Technical Training Institute (TTI) in Tharaka Nithi County marked a significant milestone by hosting its first-ever graduation ceremony. The event saw the graduation of over 480 students who received certificates and diplomas in various fields. This article captures the highlights of the graduation ceremony, emphasizing the demand for the skills acquired by the graduates and the need for continued support from stakeholders.

Overview of the Graduation

  • Courses Offered: The graduates received certificates and diplomas in diverse fields, including Agriculture, Electrical Engineering, Institutional Management, Building and Civil Engineering, Business Management, and Applied Sciences.
  • First Graduation: This ceremony marked the inaugural graduation for Muraga TTI, signifying a crucial moment in the institution’s journey.

Address by TVET Principal Secretary Dr. Esther Muoria

  • Skills in High Demand: Dr. Esther Muoria, the TVET Principal Secretary and Chief Guest, assured the graduating class that the skills they acquired were in high demand, both locally and internationally.
  • Marketing Courses: Emphasizing the importance of attracting funding, Muoria urged the TTI to intensify the marketing of its courses. Better funding could contribute to acquiring necessary equipment and enhancing infrastructure.
  • Digital Skills: Muoria highlighted the significance of digital skills and urged the institution to ensure that trainees and the local community are fully trained and equipped with digital skills. The already operational Virtual Digital Instruments (VDIs) were mentioned as a valuable resource.
  • Income Opportunities: Muoria shared insights into the income opportunities associated with digital skills, revealing that some trainees from TVET institutions were earning up to Ksh26,000 a week through online jobs.
  • Discipline: While acknowledging the attractive incomes, Muoria stressed the importance of high levels of discipline for building a successful career online.

Acknowledgment of Support

  • Stakeholder Support: Muoria commended the Board of Governors, parents, staff, and other stakeholders for their enthusiasm and support, contributing to the success of the institution.

Final Thoughts

Muraga TTI’s first graduation ceremony marked a significant achievement for the institution and the graduating class. The assurance of the demand for their acquired skills and the emphasis on digital literacy reflect the evolving landscape of education and employment. As the graduates enter the job market, the call for continued support and the recognition of stakeholders’ contributions underscore the collaborative effort required for the success of technical training institutes.


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