Replay of Abandoned Kisii University vs Rongo University Football Match

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The Kenya Universities Sports Association (KUSA) Western Conference has announced that the previously abandoned football match between Kisii University and Rongo University will be replayed behind closed doors on Friday. The decision comes after the initial game was marred by crowd trouble at Rongo University, leading to its abandonment with the score tied at 0-0.

Key Points

  1. Crowd Trouble: The initial match, played two weeks ago, was abandoned due to chaos sparked by Rongo University students after a disallowed goal. The students claimed the goal was scored from an offside position, leading to unruly behavior and the eventual abandonment of the game.
  2. Replay Details: The replay will take place at a neutral venue, undisclosed to the public, and will be played behind closed doors to mitigate the risk of crowd trouble. KUSA Western Conference secretary, Abraham Ong’ong’a, emphasized the need for a controlled environment to ensure a smooth and trouble-free match.
  3. Western Conference Playoffs: The winner between Rongo and Kisii will join Kabianga as the second team from the Southern Cluster during the Western Conference playoffs. The playoffs will determine the teams advancing to higher levels of competition within the KUSA framework.
  4. Preparation for Playoffs: Kisii University has intensified its preparations for the upcoming playoffs, demonstrating their commitment to competitive sports. The team recently won the Kisii School @90 celebrations tournament, further boosting their morale and readiness for future challenges.
  5. Standards and Competitiveness: Abraham Ong’ong’a expressed satisfaction with the standards exhibited during last weekend’s games at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST). He commended the competitiveness of the event and looks forward to more high-quality sports competitions.
  6. Upcoming KUSA Events: The KUSA Western Conference action will continue with men’s volleyball, women’s handball, and men’s and women’s soccer playoffs at Rongo University on February 10 and 11.


The decision to replay the Kisii vs Rongo football match behind closed doors reflects a commitment to maintaining order and fairness in university sports. This move ensures that the focus remains on the game itself rather than potential disruptions. As universities gear up for upcoming playoffs, the emphasis on standards and competitiveness underscores the significance of sports in the academic environment. The replay provides an opportunity for both teams to showcase their skills in a controlled and secure setting.


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