Kisii University Partners with Manchester University for Student Exchange Programme


Kisii University and Manchester University in the United Kingdom (UK) have formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to initiate a student exchange program. This collaboration aims to enhance the intellectual growth and global perspective of students through international cooperation. Spearheaded by Vice Chancellor Prof. Nathan Ogechi, this initiative aligns with the Kenya-UK Health Alliance (KUKHA) agreement signed in 2020, reflecting a commitment to fostering educational excellence and cross-cultural learning opportunities.

Quick Summary:

Advancing Education Through International Collaboration

Vice Chancellor Prof. Nathan Ogechi emphasized the transformative potential of international collaboration in shaping the educational experiences of students. By leveraging Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT), this partnership seeks to harness the opportunities presented by the global village, facilitating knowledge exchange and academic enrichment. The student exchange program represents a strategic effort to equip students with diverse perspectives and skills essential for success in an interconnected world.

Implementation Details

The student exchange program, a component of the broader KUKHA agreement, focuses on health sciences education. Kisii University plans to dispatch the first cohort of 15 students from the School of Health Sciences to Manchester University, offering them a unique opportunity to study abroad on full scholarships. These students, specializing in fields such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Clinical Studies, and Nursing, will undergo a three-month academic immersion experience aimed at broadening their horizons and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Infrastructure Development and Expansion

In preparation for hosting incoming students and enhancing its capacity as a center of excellence, Kisii University is undertaking infrastructure development initiatives. Vice Chancellor Prof. Ogechi highlighted plans to expand the institution’s facilities, including allocating 70 acres of land for various educational activities. This strategic investment underscores Kisii University’s commitment to providing conducive learning environments and facilitating academic excellence in the region.


The partnership between Kisii University and Manchester University marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of educational excellence and international cooperation. By facilitating student exchanges and fostering cross-cultural learning experiences, the collaboration aims to enrich students’ academic journeys and equip them with the skills and perspectives needed to thrive in a globalized world. As the first cohort of students embarks on this transformative journey, the exchange program promises to strengthen ties between the two institutions and contribute to the advancement of education and healthcare in Kenya and beyond.


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