Taita Taveta Enhances Library Resources with KNLS Book Consignment


Taita Taveta County has received a significant boost to its library resources with the delivery of a consignment of books from the Kenya National Library Service (KNLS). The distribution of these books to libraries in Voi, Wundanyi, and Werugha aims to foster a culture of reading and intellectual enrichment among students and the general public. Led by County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Education, Libraries, and Vocational Training Centres, Gloria Monikombo, this initiative underscores the county’s commitment to promoting literacy and digital access to information.

Quick Summary:

  • Taita Taveta County receives a consignment of books from KNLS to enhance library stock.
  • Books will be distributed to libraries in Voi, Wundanyi, and Werugha, covering diverse topics to nurture a reading culture.
  • Libraries equipped with computers offering e-books, audiobooks, online databases, and digital resources.
  • CECM Monikombo emphasizes the importance of embracing a reading culture and utilizing digital literacy resources for education and skill development.

Promoting Reading Culture and Digital Literacy

CECM Gloria Monikombo highlighted the critical role of libraries in fostering a reading culture and expanding access to knowledge. By stocking libraries with diverse reading materials and equipping them with modern technology, the county aims to empower residents, particularly youth, with essential skills and information. Monikombo emphasized the multifaceted benefits of libraries, which serve as educational hubs hosting workshops, seminars, and educational programs in addition to providing reading resources.

Leveraging Digital Resources for Skill Development

Monikombo emphasized the significance of utilizing digital resources, including computers offering e-books, audiobooks, and online databases, to enhance digital literacy and skill development. The integration of technology into library services not only expands access to information but also provides opportunities for learning programming and creative expression through various software applications. This aligns with government initiatives such as the Ajira Digital Programme, aimed at empowering youth with essential skills for livelihoods in the digital economy.

Call for Donations and Support

Accompanied by Senior Librarian Winfred Mdali and head of Voi KNLS branch Mercy Kiseu, CECM Monikombo urged institutions and well-wishers to donate more books to augment library resources. This call for support highlights the collaborative effort needed to sustain and enhance library services, ensuring continued access to educational and informational resources for all residents of Taita Taveta County.


The receipt of books from KNLS marks a significant milestone in the efforts to enhance library services and promote literacy in Taita Taveta County. By investing in library resources and digital infrastructure, the county demonstrates its commitment to empowering residents with the knowledge and skills needed for personal and professional development. Moving forward, continued support and collaboration will be essential in ensuring that libraries remain vibrant educational centers that enrich the lives of individuals and communities across the county.


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