LSPA and Wahome Foundation Partner to Empower Needy Students in Laikipia County

The Laikipia Students and Professional Association (LSPA) and the Wahome Foundation have joined forces to support underprivileged students and uplift education standards in Laikipia County. Spearheaded by Wilson Wahome, the Executive Director of the foundation based in the USA, this collaboration aims to make education accessible and improve the quality of life in pastoral communities.

Quick Summary:

  • Partnership Objectives: LSPA and the Wahome Foundation aim to support needy students, promote education, and enhance community development initiatives in Laikipia County.
  • Focus Areas: The foundation plans to introduce a mobile library and drill boreholes to improve access to education and clean water in Umande ward.
  • Support for Needy Students: The foundation pledges to pay the school fees for two needy students to attend high school, demonstrating their commitment to education accessibility.
  • Government Collaboration: Laikipia County’s CEC for Public Administration, Purity Kendi, affirms the county government’s support for the partnership and its initiatives to improve living standards.

Objectives and Initiatives

The partnership between LSPA and the Wahome Foundation is driven by a shared commitment to empower needy students and enhance education in Laikipia County. Wilson Wahome, the Executive Director of the foundation, underscores the importance of education programs in uplifting communities and improving living standards. Initiatives such as introducing a mobile library and drilling boreholes in Umande ward aim to address critical needs and foster a conducive learning environment.

Support for Needy Students

During a prize-giving day at Mugumo Primary School, Wilson Wahome announced the foundation’s pledge to cover the entire school fees for two needy students, enabling them to pursue their high school education. This gesture reflects the foundation’s dedication to providing equal opportunities for education and empowering deserving learners to fulfill their potential.

Government Collaboration

Purity Kendi, Laikipia County’s CEC for Public Administration, expresses the county government’s commitment to supporting the partnership between LSPA and the Wahome Foundation. By collaborating with existing community groups and leveraging government resources, the initiative aims to amplify its impact and reach hundreds of deserving learners in the area. Ibrahim Abdi, Chairperson of LSPA and a law student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), highlights the association’s role in mobilizing funds from government agencies and corporations to support struggling students and address pressing issues such as mental health.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between LSPA and the Wahome Foundation represents a beacon of hope for underprivileged students and communities in Laikipia County. Through their collective efforts and dedication to education, they seek to break barriers, empower students, and foster positive change. As they continue to implement initiatives aimed at improving education accessibility and enhancing community development, their partnership serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and compassion.


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