M-PESA Foundation Enhances Education Infrastructure in Western Kenya

The M-PESA Foundation, through its Citizen of the Future Programme, has successfully handed over newly constructed infrastructure in various public schools across Bungoma, Vihiga, and Kakamega counties. The initiative aims to boost learning, especially in rural and underprivileged areas, with a target of benefiting approximately 3 million students over the next three years. The Foundation’s trustee, Michael Joseph, highlighted the impact of the projects during an event attended by prominent leaders, including President William Ruto and Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu.

Quick Summary

  • The M-PESA Foundation, through its Citizen of the Future Programme, completes school infrastructure projects in Bungoma, Vihiga, and Kakamega counties.
  • The initiative aims to enhance learning environments, particularly in rural and underprivileged areas, targeting around 3 million students over the next three years.
  • Projects include classroom construction, renovation, furnishing, and installation of essential facilities such as ablution blocks and water harvesting systems.
  • President William Ruto emphasizes the government’s commitment to providing education access, including disbursing Ksh7.5 billion in capitation and plans to employ 20,000 teachers.
  • The M-PESA Foundation’s education programmes, initiated in 2010, have benefited over 1.3 million learners nationwide.

Infrastructure Enhancements

The M-PESA Foundation’s Citizen of the Future Programme focuses on constructing and enhancing infrastructure in public schools. Notable projects include the construction and furnishing of classrooms, administration blocks, ECDE (Early Childhood Development Education) centers, kitchens, ablution blocks, and the installation of water harvesting systems. The Foundation aims to create conducive learning environments in the targeted regions.

President Ruto’s Commitment to Education

During the event, President William Ruto expressed the government’s commitment to ensuring every child has access to education. He emphasized that no child should stay at home due to a lack of school fees. President Ruto announced the disbursement of Ksh7.5 billion in capitation and revealed plans to employ an additional 20,000 teachers in the coming year, reinforcing the government’s dedication to education accessibility and quality.

Specific Projects in Different Counties

  • Bungoma County: Naitiri S.A Primary School received eight classrooms, an ECDE center, an ablution block, an administration block, a kitchen, and a water harvesting system.
  • Vihiga County: Gamoi Primary School witnessed the renovation of 20 classrooms, construction of a kitchen, ablution blocks, and the installation of a water harvesting system.
  • Kakamega County: Shitirira Primary School benefited from enhanced water access through a borehole, an elevated water platform, water fetching points, and a water kiosk funded by the Foundation.

M-PESA Foundation’s Impact

Since its establishment in 2010, the M-PESA Foundation’s education programmes have positively impacted over 1.3 million learners across all 47 counties. Initiatives, including the M-PESA Foundation Academy that sponsors disadvantaged children, have contributed to the Foundation’s goal of improving education access and quality.

Final Thoughts

The completion and handover of school infrastructure projects by the M-PESA Foundation in Western Kenya underscore the organization’s commitment to advancing education in underprivileged areas. The collaborative efforts between the Foundation, government, and local communities aim to create lasting impacts on the learning environments, fostering a conducive atmosphere for students’ growth and development.


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