Nairobi University Implements E-Citizen Platform for Meal Payments

The University of Nairobi has announced that students and staff purchasing meals at the university’s kitchen will now be required to make payments through the Kenyan government’s e-citizen platform. This directive, issued by the current regime, mandates that all payments to the institution be conducted via the government’s online portal, streamlining financial transactions and enhancing transparency.

Quick Summary:

  • Transition to E-Citizen Platform: The University of Nairobi mandates meal payments through the government’s e-citizen platform, aligning with the government’s directive for all payments to be made digitally.
  • Payment Procedure: Users are instructed to utilize pay bill number 222222 and provide an Outlet/Live identifier followed by their name as the account number.
  • Digital Transformation in Government Services: This initiative reflects the government’s broader efforts to digitize service payments, ensuring efficiency and accountability.
  • Nominal Transaction Fees: Treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u outlines nominal transaction fees based on the amount of the transaction, ranging from Sh.5 to Sh.50.

Implementation Details and Payment Procedure

A memo circulated to students and staff outlines the payment procedure, emphasizing the use of the e-citizen platform for all financial transactions with the University of Nairobi. Users are required to utilize pay bill number 222222 and input an Outlet/Live identifier followed by their name as the account number to complete the transaction. This standardized procedure ensures consistency and ease of payment across different university kitchens.

Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda

The University of Nairobi’s adoption of the e-citizen platform for meal payments reflects the government’s broader agenda to digitize service payments and enhance efficiency in public service delivery. By centralizing payments through a single online portal, the government aims to streamline processes, minimize bureaucracy, and promote transparency in financial transactions.

Nominal Transaction Fees

Treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u has outlined nominal transaction fees for accessing government services through the e-citizen platform. These fees, ranging from Sh.5 to Sh.50 based on the transaction amount, ensure affordability and accessibility for users seeking government services. The tiered fee structure caters to different transaction amounts, providing a fair and equitable payment system for all users.

Final Thoughts

The University of Nairobi’s transition to the e-citizen platform for meal payments marks a significant milestone in Kenya’s journey towards digital transformation. By embracing digital solutions, the university and the government aim to modernize financial transactions, improve accountability, and enhance the overall user experience. As the country continues to progress towards a digital future, initiatives like this pave the way for a more efficient and transparent public service delivery system.


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