TSC Declares Vacant Director Positions Following Exits

In a move signaling a transition in leadership within the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), several key director positions have been declared vacant, necessitating a recruitment drive to fill these critical roles. The vacancies arise from a combination of resignations, retirements, and the implementation of new Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) within the TSC Secretariat.

Quick Summary:

  • Advertisement for Director Positions: TSC advertises vacancies for five Director positions and one Deputy Director position.
  • Impact of Career Progression Guidelines (CPG): The adoption of CPG leads to the creation of new director positions and the renaming of existing ones.
  • Interim Appointments and Resignations: Several directors have been serving in acting capacities or resigned from their positions, prompting the need for replacements.

Vacancy Advertisement and Career Progression Guidelines

The TSC has publicly advertised vacancies for five Director positions, reflecting the commission’s commitment to ensuring continuity and effective leadership within its various directorates. These positions include Directorates of Teacher Discipline Management, Staffing, Human Resources and Development, Internal Audit, and ICT, with an additional Deputy Director position for Teacher Management. The advertisement sets a deadline of February 21, 2024, for interested applicants to submit their applications.

The implementation of the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) has played a significant role in reshaping the organizational structure of the TSC Secretariat. Notably, the Directorate of Field Services has been renamed to Teacher Discipline Management, aligning with the commission’s strategic objectives and operational focus.

Interim Appointments and Resignations

Several interim appointments and resignations have contributed to the vacancies within the TSC directorate. Evelyn Mitei has been serving in an acting capacity as the Director of Field Services since July 2022, following the retirement of Mary Rotich. Meanwhile, Antonina Lentoijoni has been acting as the Director of Staffing since January 2023, succeeding Rita Wahome.

The recent resignations of key directors, including Isaac Nganga from Internal Audit and Charles Gichira from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) docket, have further necessitated the recruitment of suitable replacements. Additionally, Dr. Julius Olayo’s departure as the Director of Human Resource Management and Development marks another significant change in the TSC’s leadership landscape.

Final Thoughts

The declaration of vacant director positions within the Teachers Service Commission signifies a period of transition and renewal within the organization. As the TSC seeks to fill these critical roles, it underscores the importance of effective leadership in driving educational oversight and policy implementation. With the deadline for applications fast approaching, stakeholders await the appointment of qualified individuals who will steer the commission towards its objectives and uphold its mandate in fostering quality education in Kenya.


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