SRC Unveils Upgraded ECDE Teachers Salary Scales for 2023/2024

In a recent announcement by the Salary & Remuneration Commission (SRC), a beacon of positive change shines upon Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers as their salary scales receive a noteworthy upgrade for the year 2023/2024. The move follows a comprehensive review initiated by the SRC, addressing concerns about the remuneration of ECDE professionals.

CountyTotalJob GroupBasic PayHousingPensionCommuterGross Pay
Makuenl962F ( Certificate)1625027002437.5300024387.5
  H  ( diploma)2719532004079.25400034395
  K (Degree)3399475005099.l500046494
Embu484F ( Certificate)1625030002437.5300022250
  H ( diploma)2719538504079.25400035045
Siaya611F (Certificate)1625027002437.5300021950
  H   (diploma)2719532004079.25400034395
  K (Degree)3399475005099.1500046494
Migori673F ( Certificate)1625027002437.5300021950
  H ( diploma)2719532004079.2S400034395
  K (Degree)3399475005099.1500046494
Nyeri807F  (Certificate)1625030002437.5300022250
  H   (diploma)2719538504079.25400035045
  K (Degree)3399496005099.1500048594
Upgraded ECDE Teachers Salary Scales for 2023/2024

Key Highlights:

  1. Minimum Wage Assurance: According to the clarification provided by the SRC, ECDE teachers and caregivers can now expect a minimum monthly salary of at least Ksh 7,000, as established by the Salaries Review Commission. This development underscores the commitment to ensure fair compensation for professionals in the field.
  2. Clarification on Media Reports: The SRC, responding to media coverage, dispels inaccuracies surrounding ECDE educators’ salary structures. Emphasizing that previous reports were misleading as they focused on basic income rather than gross salary, the SRC seeks to provide accurate and transparent information about ECDE professionals’ earnings.
  3. Gross Salary Recommendations: The SRC had previously recommended a gross salary range of Ksh 13,211 to Ksh 14,092 for individuals in Cluster 4 (other places) and Ksh 14,961 to Ksh 15,842 for the lowest cadre of ECDE instructors in Nairobi (Cluster 1). This advice took into account affordability and the long-term viability of county governments’ pay obligations.
  4. Ongoing Review: As part of the third pay review cycle, the SRC is actively engaged in reviewing the salaries of all public employees, including ECDE teachers. The results of this comprehensive review are anticipated to be revealed in June 2023, reflecting the commitment to continually assess and enhance remuneration structures.

Background on the Salary and Remuneration Commission (SRC):

Established under Article 230 of Chapter 12 of the Kenyan Constitution of 2010, the SRC plays a pivotal role in setting and evaluating compensation and perks for all State officers. Additionally, it provides valuable advice to local and national governments on the compensation and benefits of other public employees.

Recent Developments and Future Outlook:

The Ministry of Education in Kenya, in collaboration with county governments, has been actively working towards improving the salaries of ECDE teachers. The SRC, responding to the collective efforts and concerns, initiated a review on January 13, 2023, with the results being made available recently. This positive development signifies a significant stride in recognizing and enhancing the financial well-being of ECDE educators, reflecting the ongoing commitment to support their crucial role in the education system.


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