Suguta Girls KCSE Results 2024: Mean Grade, KUCCPS Ranking, Performance Analysis, and Contacts

The KCSE results for Suguta Girls in 2023 have marked another year of outstanding academic performance, with a commendable mean score and a high pass rate. The school’s principal, Mrs Zipporah Maua Nyandoro, attributes this success to the competitive spirit among the students and the dedication of the TSC-qualified teaching staff.

Suguta Girls KCSE Results 2023: Grade Distribution

  • A (plain): 0 students
  • A- (minus): 1 student
  • B+ (plus): 7 students
  • B (plain): 45 students
  • B- (minus): 94 students
  • C+ (plus): 71 students
  • C (plain): 52 students
  • C- (minus): 40 students
  • D+ (plus): 16 students
  • D (plain): 4 students

In contrast to previous years, Suguta Girls produced one A-student in the 2023 KCSE results. The number of candidates scoring C+ (plus) and above is particularly noteworthy.

Suguta Girls KCSE Performance Analysis (2023):

  • Candidates: 330
  • University Entry: 218
  • Mean Grade: 7.04
  • Pass Rate: 66%

The KNEC results were impressive, albeit slightly below expectations. A summarized comparison with previous academic outcomes is provided below:

University Entry48198365
Pass Rate46%98%93%

The school has experienced a remarkable doubling of the pass rate between 2020 and 2021. Despite a slight dip in 2023, Suguta Girls remains committed to its academic legacy.

St. Claire Suguta Girls History: Suguta Girls, located in Nyamache Sub-county, is a boarding school with an approximate enrollment of 650 students. The school has steadily improved its performance over the last two consecutive years, showcasing a commitment to academic excellence.

Suguta Girls Contacts, Location & Directions:

  • Phone Number: +254702997140
  • Email Address:
  • Postal Address: 158, 40203 – Nyamache
  • KNEC Code: 40732103
  • Motto: Education is power

For further inquiries on student affairs, including admission requirements and the fee structure, interested individuals can visit the school. St. Claire Suguta Girls Secondary School, situated near Nyamache High School and Magena Girls High School, continues to be an institution worth monitoring closely.


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