KNEC Issues Warning Against Fraudsters Alleging KCSE Result Alterations

In a recent advisory, the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has raised concerns over fraudulent activities by individuals claiming to possess the ability to hack the KNEC portal and alter 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results. This cautionary statement comes in response to fake posts circulating on various platforms, featuring fabricated URLs and misleading information.

Key Points of the Warning:

  1. Phony Result Alteration Claims:
    • KNEC uncovered screenshots of fake posts wherein fraudsters showcase purportedly altered results, enticing individuals with promises of grade upgrades. These posts include contact details for those seeking to manipulate their academic outcomes.
  2. Fabricated URL and Deceptive Tactics:
    • Con artists have gone to great lengths to deceive the public by creating fabricated URLs resembling the official KNEC website. These deceptive practices aim to mislead Kenyans into believing in the authenticity of the fraudulent schemes.
  3. Education Cabinet Secretary’s Announcement:
    • Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu had recently announced a shift in result accessibility, with the portal being the primary platform, while the SMS channel was phased out. This change in communication channels likely prompted the fraudulent activities as fraudsters sought to exploit the transition.

Official Warning and Vigilance:

KNEC has unequivocally warned against falling prey to these fraudulent activities, emphasizing the importance of vigilance. The public is urged not to engage with individuals claiming to possess the capability to alter KCSE grades and to refrain from attempting to change their academic results through unauthorized channels.

Concerns and Alleged Inconsistencies:

This warning arises amidst concerns raised by students and parents regarding the 2023 KCSE results. Reports of discrepancies and unexpected low scores have prompted inquiries into the examination process. Incidents of alleged alterations and inconsistencies on the KNEC portal have also been brought to light, raising questions about the overall integrity of the results.

Transparent Examination Process:

In the aftermath of the KCSE release, concerns were raised about perceived irregularities. However, KNEC affirms its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the examination process and assures the public that steps are being taken to address any reported discrepancies.

As the investigation unfolds, students, parents, and the public at large are encouraged to remain cautious, rely on official channels for result inquiries, and report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities. Upholding academic integrity is paramount in ensuring the credibility of the examination system and the trust placed in educational institutions.


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