Former Students of Migori School Dispute KCSE Results, Allege Irregularities

Former students of Kowidi Mixed Secondary School in Migori County are contesting their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results, claiming that the reported grades do not accurately reflect their abilities. All 30 students who took the exam allegedly received grade E in Mathematics, prompting concerns about the validity of the results.

Key Points:

  1. Uniform Low Performance in Mathematics:
  2. Complaint Lodged with KNEC:
    • The school principal, Paul Okombo, confirmed that the school has lodged a complaint with the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to investigate the matter. The aim is to seek clarification on the reported grades and address any potential irregularities.
  3. Appeals to County Director of Education:
    • Former students, troubled by the perceived discrepancies in their results, visited the Migori County Director of Education (CDE), Jacob Onyiego, seeking clarification. Onyiego acknowledged the concerns and appealed to parents to be patient with their children as they cope with the shock of the reported failure.
  4. Impact on Students’ Lives:
    • The CDE advised complainants to remain optimistic and consider alternative paths, such as joining local Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions or returning to class for another attempt. He emphasized the importance of reconstructing their lives despite the challenges.
  5. Potential Parental Pressure:
    • Students claimed that their parents were tormenting them, feeling disgraced by the reported low grades. Onyiego encouraged parents to be understanding and supportive during this challenging time for their children.

Seeking Clarity and Rebuilding Lives:

The dispute over KCSE results raises questions about the examination process and the potential impact on students’ future opportunities. The appeal to KNEC for an investigation aims to shed light on the reported uniformity in Mathematics grades.

As students grapple with the shock of the results, the guidance from education authorities encourages them to explore alternative paths for personal and academic growth. The situation highlights the importance of a transparent and reliable examination system to ensure fairness and accuracy in assessing students’ capabilities.


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