TSC Aims to Hire Over 111,000 Teachers in 5-Year Plan

The Teachers Service Commission, also known as TSC has developed a comprehensive five year strategy aimed at addressing the shortage of teachers in public schools. Over this period they aim to recruit an impressive 111,870 teachers. This is truly a commendable effort to meet the demand for quality education.

During the launch of the 2023 2027 Strategic Plan, Nancy Macharia, the CEO of TSC shared this exciting news. She highlighted that this recruitment drive follows the successful example set by President William Rutos administration in the previous financial year when they recruited 30,000 teachers to address the shortage. The Kenya Kwanza Administration thoroughly deserves recognition for their commitment.

Interestingly enough Macharia didn’t disclose the exact number of teachers that will be hired in the upcoming financial year (2023/24). However. She did mention that TSC plans to list 20,000 intern teachers. This creative approach adds a unique twist to the hiring process and opens doors for budding educators.

To make this possible. TSC has received an allocation of a substantial Sh4.7 billion budget for recruiting these intern teachers. Such impressive investment in our education system reflects its importance and value. But brace yourself because Macharia had yet another surprise in store. She stated that for the successful implementation of this ambitious plan over five years.

TSC will require an additional budget totaling Sh134.5 billion. Thats quite a significant amount! Now lets’ delve into some statistics. Currently Kenya faces a teacher student ratio estimated at approximately 1:40. This poses challenges for our dedicated educators who tirelessly serve students across urban areas and informal settlements.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommends maintaining a ratio of 25 students per teacher at primary schools—a target which we have room to improve upon. With TSCs driven plan now set in motion we eagerly anticipate positive changes within our education system.

A greater number of teachers means enhanced individual attention for our students, which undoubtedly contributes to their academic success. This development can only be viewed as a step in the right direction.

Hopefully, this recruitment campaign will bring forth a group of new. Passionate teachers who will undoubtedly ignite the curiosity and zeal of our young learners. Additionally. It would be truly remarkable if these newly appointed educators could infuse their teaching practices with innovative and unconventional approaches.

Just envision an instructor who skillfully elucidates quadratic equations with the aid of relatable memes or skillfully dissects intricate historical events through the art form of hip hop. Undoubtedly. Education would become an exhilarating journey!


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