TSC Directs Headteachers on New Requirements for Intern Teachers

In a recent development, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has issued fresh requirements to headteachers concerning intern teachers who have renewed their contracts for the current year. This directive underscores the Commission’s commitment to streamlining processes and ensuring effective management of the intern teacher program, a crucial component in addressing staffing gaps in primary and secondary schools.

Reporting Deadline and Online Casualty Returns

Headteachers of primary and secondary schools have been instructed to report all intern teachers who reported for duty by Friday, January 12th, 2024. The urgency of this reporting deadline is emphasized to facilitate the immediate processing of stipends for intern teachers. Additionally, headteachers are required to submit online casualty returns for intern teachers, providing essential information for stipend processing and enabling the Commission to track contract renewals.

Intern Stipends and Deductions

Interns attached to primary schools receive a monthly stipend of Kshs. 15,000, while their counterparts in secondary schools, including junior schools, receive Kshs. 20,000. However, it’s noteworthy that those in secondary schools experience deductions of around sh. 3,000, and those in primary schools lose around sh. 2,000 from their stipends. The Commission is taking steps to ensure transparency in stipend disbursement while addressing the financial concerns of intern teachers.

Recruitment Initiatives to Address Staffing Gaps

Recognizing the severe teacher shortages in junior secondary schools, TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia has acknowledged the need for strategic recruitment. The upcoming recruitment drive in February aims to enlist at least 20,000 new intern teachers, aligning with the broader goal of mitigating staffing challenges in the education sector. The move is a response to the demand for 99,045 teachers against the current number of 56,928, indicating a proactive approach by TSC to address the pressing issue.

Internship Duration and Conversion to Permanent Terms

A notable shift in policy indicates that all intern teachers will now serve for a period of two years before being considered for conversion to permanent and pensionable terms. This change is aimed at providing a clearer career path for intern teachers, ensuring stability and continuity in the teaching profession. The decision reflects a long-term vision to strengthen the education sector by retaining experienced and dedicated educators.


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