TSC Checklist for Heads of Institutions: Ensuring Quality Assurance and Compliance

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has established a checklist for heads of institutions to maintain quality assurance, efficient educational management, and effective curriculum implementation. In line with the Code of Regulations for Teachers 2015, this checklist outlines crucial documents that institution heads must keep to ensure compliance with TSC regulations. This blog post provides insights into the essential documents outlined in the TSC checklist.

TSC Checklist for Heads of Institutions on Quality Assurance

  1. Master/Block Time Table:
    • Purpose: Structured timetable for effective time management.
  2. Approved Schemes of Work/Work Plans:
    • Purpose: Copies for teachers/tutors/lecturers to ensure curriculum alignment.
  3. Learner Assessment/Progress Records:
    • Purpose: Includes improvement index and Individualized Education Program (IEP) reports.
  4. Learner Skills Development Target Records/Staff Quarterly Targets:
    • Purpose: Monitoring the progress of both learners and staff.
  5. Analysis of Teacher/Lecturer/Tutor Lesson/Session Attendance:
    • Purpose: Ensuring regular attendance for quality teaching.
  6. Rescheduling Timetables:
    • Purpose: For lessons/sessions that were not taught, reflecting adaptability.
  7. Co-Curricular Activity/Team Building Records:
    • Purpose: Documenting extracurricular achievements and activities.
  8. Records of Learners with Challenging Behavior:
    • Purpose: Including behavior modification records and punishment books.
  9. Staff Meeting Files with Confirmed Minutes:
    • Purpose: Documenting discussions and decisions for transparency.
  10. Performance Appraisal and Development Analysis:
    • Purpose: Comprehensive assessment for staff improvement.
  11. Staff Personal File:
    • Purpose: Containing essential documents such as posting letters, duty allocation, and communication records.
  12. Circulars, Policies, and Internal Memo Files:
    • Purpose: Keeping abreast of official communications and policies.
  13. BOM/Council Minutes File:
    • Purpose: Documentation of board and council meetings.
  14. Relevant and Current Statutory Documents:
    • Purpose: Including acts, regulations, and policies governing education.
  15. Entry and Exit Return Book:
    • Purpose: Maintaining records of staff movement.
  16. Updated Logbook and Visitors’ Book:
    • Purpose: Monitoring daily activities and external interactions.
  17. Teacher/Lecturer/Tutor Duty Rota:
    • Purpose: Ensuring fair distribution of responsibilities.
  18. Relevant Books of Accounts:
    • Purpose: Adhering to accounting instructions for financial transparency.
  19. Strategic Plan/School Development Plan:
    • Purpose: Guiding the institution towards its goals.
  20. Signed Copy of Performance Contract:
    • Purpose: Validating the commitment of staff for the current contract period.


This comprehensive checklist serves as a guide for heads of institutions to maintain the quality standard management required by the TSC. Organized record-keeping and adherence to regulations outlined in this checklist contribute to the promotion of excellence in education, aligning with the TSC’s commitment to fostering an efficient and transparent education system.


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