TSC Pays Teachers February Salaries Without House Levy Deductions

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has disbursed the February salaries of teachers, yet again making waves in the ongoing saga regarding the House Levy deductions. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the situation:

Quick Summary:

  • TSC has processed and disbursed teachers’ February salaries, omitting House Levy deductions.
  • TSC Chief Nancy Macharia explains the delay in halting deductions, citing the payroll processing timeline and the timing of the court ruling.


Explanation by Nancy Macharia:

  • Macharia clarified that TSC begins processing payroll on the 20th of each month, with salaries typically available in teachers’ accounts by the 22nd.
  • The High Court’s judgment on the Housing Levy came on the 26th, after TSC had already initiated payroll processing for January.
  • Macharia refrained from confirming whether the Housing Levy would be deducted from February salaries.

KUPPET’s Response:

  • KUPPET Secretary General Akelo Misori reiterated the union’s commitment to safeguarding teachers’ earnings and benefits.
  • Misori demanded a refund of the Housing Levy deducted from teachers’ January salaries, emphasizing the illegality of the deductions despite court rulings.
  • KUPPET urged TSC to rectify the situation promptly and release the deducted Housing Levy amounts.


The ongoing dispute surrounding House Levy deductions continues to unfold, with TSC’s recent decision to omit the deductions from February salaries. While TSC cites logistical challenges in halting deductions mid-payroll cycle, KUPPET remains steadfast in demanding the restitution of deducted amounts. As the situation evolves, teachers and stakeholders await further developments in this contentious issue.


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