Addressing Poor Performance in Mwala Sub-County: Insights from DCC David Tegutwa

Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) David Tegutwa has brought attention to a pressing concern: the sub-par performance in national examinations. This issue, according to Tegutwa, demands immediate attention from all stakeholders involved in education within the region.

Quick Summary:

  • Concerning Results: Deputy County Commissioner Tegutwa expresses worry over poor performance in national exams last year.
  • Negative Deviation: Both KCPE and KCSE exams showed a negative deviation across schools, signaling a troubling trend.
  • Root Cause: Tegutwa identifies inadequate teaching staff as a significant factor contributing to the subpar results.

Addressing Poor Performance:

Identifying the Problem:

Tegutwa’s remarks shed light on the severity of the situation. The negative deviation in exam results underscores a systemic issue that requires thorough examination. By acknowledging the problem, stakeholders can begin to explore effective solutions.

Teacher Shortage:

A critical aspect highlighted by Tegutwa is the shortage of teachers in Mwala Sub-county. This shortage not only affects the continuity of education but also raises questions about the reasons behind the frequent transfers of educators. Understanding the factors driving this phenomenon is crucial in devising strategies to retain skilled teachers within the region.

Collaborative Efforts:

To tackle the challenges facing the education sector in Mwala, collaborative efforts are imperative. Education stakeholders, including government officials, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students, must come together to brainstorm sustainable solutions. By fostering a culture of cooperation and shared responsibility, the community can work towards improving academic outcomes for all learners.

Addressing Root Causes:

While addressing the immediate symptoms of poor performance is essential, it is equally important to delve deeper into the root causes. Tegutwa’s call for interventions signifies a proactive approach to identify and rectify underlying issues. By conducting thorough assessments and engaging in open dialogue, stakeholders can gain valuable insights into the multifaceted challenges hindering educational progress in the sub-county.


Deputy County Commissioner David Tegutwa’s remarks serve as a wake-up call for education stakeholders in Mwala Sub-county. The need to address poor performance in national examinations requires concerted efforts and a commitment to proactive problem-solving. By prioritizing teacher retention, fostering collaboration, and addressing root causes, the community can pave the way for a brighter future in education. It is through collective action and unwavering dedication that meaningful change can be realized, ultimately benefiting the students and the entire community.


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