Agoro Sare High Triumphs in Inaugural Eliud Owalo Basketball Tournament

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In a jubilant display of skill and teamwork, Agoro Sare High School, hailing from Homa Bay County, clinched victory in the inaugural Eliud Owalo basketball tournament. The tournament, held over the weekend in Kisumu, witnessed Agoro Sare High securing a commanding 55-29 win over Onjiko High School from Kisumu County. This triumph not only celebrates the prowess of Agoro Sare High but also underscores the burgeoning talent within Kenya’s school basketball circuit.

Quick Summary:

  • Agoro Sare High emerges victorious in the inaugural Eliud Owalo basketball tournament, showcasing exceptional skill and teamwork.
  • Ngiya Girls from Siaya claim victory in the Girls category, further highlighting the depth of talent in Kenyan schools.
  • The tournament, sponsored by Eliud Owalo through his foundation, aims to revamp basketball in the region and nurture young talent for national and international representation.

Eliud Owalo, the visionary behind this tournament, expressed his commitment to elevating basketball within the region. As the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication, and the Digital Economy, Owalo’s dedication to fostering sports development is evident. His foundation’s sponsorship not only provided the platform for young athletes to showcase their abilities but also offered tangible support in the form of trophies, cash prizes, and uniforms for all participating teams.

The tournament’s significance extends beyond the court, serving as a conduit for identifying and nurturing future basketball stars. With 26 schools from across Nyanza participating, the tournament showcased the rich pool of talent within the region. From Maseno to Kisumu, young athletes displayed their skills under the watchful eyes of scouts from esteemed organizations such as the Kenya Sports Academy (KAS) and the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF).

John Okwemba, the Director of KAS, emphasized the tournament’s role in talent identification, hinting at opportunities for talented players to represent Kenya on the international stage. Such initiatives not only provide avenues for personal growth and achievement but also contribute to the overall development of basketball in the country.

However, amidst the celebration of talent and achievement, Owalo issued a poignant reminder of the challenges that sports governance faces. Drawing parallels with corruption in football, Owalo urged vigilance within the basketball federation to ensure transparency and integrity in the sport’s administration.


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