Attention Teachers! It’s Time to Pick Up Your Promotion Letters

We’ve got some fantastic news for all the school deputies, senior teachers, acting headteachers, and principals out there who applied for those sweet promotions. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has given the green light, and your promotion letters are ready for pick-up! How exciting is that?

Starting next week, it’s time to make a trip to the TSC Sub County Director offices for all you Senior Teachers and Deputy Headteachers. That’s where you’ll find your well-deserved promotion letters. And don’t worry, Headteachers and Principals, you’re not left out either! You’ll be able to grab your promotion letters from the TSC County Directors.

For those who applied through the County and Sub County offices, your letters are in the works. They’re currently being printed at the TSC headquarters and will be mailed out to you soon. It’s like waiting for a special delivery, but instead of a package from an online store, it’s a letter that signifies your career growth. Exciting stuff!

Now, let’s talk about those lucky few who already received their letters after successfully nailing the county interviews. Talk about a reason to celebrate! They were ahead of the game, securing their promotions and making their colleagues green with envy. It’s like hitting the jackpot in the teacher’s world!

Just to jog your memory, back in December 2022, the TSC advertised a whopping 14,738 teaching positions. It was like throwing open the floodgates of opportunity! Since then, there have been two application calls, one in January and another in March. The competition was fierce, but the perks of top employment were enough to attract a pool of talented applicants.

In May, the TSC made another call for qualified teachers to fill 1,001 jobs in just seven days. Talk about a tight deadline! The positions included principals, deputy principals in Special Needs Education (SNE) schools, and deputy headteachers in conventional primary schools. It was a chance to climb the ladder and take on new responsibilities.

Dr. Macharia, the mastermind behind it all, reopened the application window from June 9 to June 15. It was a second chance for those who missed out the first time. The TSC wanted to give every interested teacher a fair shot at advancement. How thoughtful of them!

You see, the TSC believes in recognizing and rewarding teachers’ hard work and achievements. They aim to align teachers for succession management and career growth while motivating them to excel in their jobs. It’s all about creating a positive and fulfilling teaching experience.


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