Murang’a County Government Gives ECDE Centres a Marvelous Makeover

The county government of Murang’a has taken up the mission to transform the Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centres in the region. And boy, are they going all out to ensure that these centres receive a major facelift by the end of the 2024/2025 financial year.

Ever since Irungu Kang’ata took office as the county chief last year, the devolved unit has been on a mission. They’ve already rolled up their sleeves and refurbished a whopping 126 ECDE centres. You see, they had about 700 centres in total, and many of them were in a sorry state. It was high time for a change!

Last November, Kang’ata’s administration approved a supplementary budget of Sh. 10 million to kick-start the renovation process. They wanted to tackle the most critical centres first. And let me tell you, construction of new classrooms began early this year, with the MCAs having a say in the priority list. Gotta keep everyone happy, right?

Now, let’s talk numbers. In the current financial year, the county government has set aside a whopping Sh. 130 million for this project. And they have their eyes on rehabilitating 250 centres. That’s a whole lot of revamping going on!

Kang’ata himself couldn’t contain his excitement. During the commissioning of the Mwana wi Kigio ECDE centre in Kakuzi Mutubiri ward, he expressed his satisfaction with the progress. The renovated centres are now providing a conducive learning environment for our young ones. It’s all about creating the perfect atmosphere for our little learners to thrive.

But here’s the kicker—some of the centres were in such dire condition that they had to build brand new classrooms. Talk about starting from scratch! Kang’ata mentioned that after renovating the 250 centres this year, they plan to complete the remaining ones in the 2024/2025 financial year. And it’s not just about the buildings; they’re also making sure these centres are fully equipped with furniture. Our little superstars deserve the best, don’t they?

Additionally, the county government of Murang’a is also allocating Sh. 10.5 million in the current budget to renovate youth and vocational training centres. They’re leaving no stone unturned when it comes to providing quality education for all.

Kang’ata stressed the importance of equitable distribution of resources. Every ward will get their fair share of rehabilitated ECDE centres. No one’s getting left behind!

And here’s something heartwarming—they’ve implemented a program to provide porridge to ECDE pupils. It’s a small act, but it’s making a big difference. Over 42,000 little learners across the county have been enjoying a warm cup of porridge since January. It’s all part of the county administration’s partnership with a local non-governmental organization. Because a full tummy equals a happy and focused learner, right?

You know what’s impressive? The majority of these fantastic initiatives are funded by local revenue collected by the county government. That’s right—they’re using their own resources to bring about positive change in the education sector. Kudos to them!

So, there you have it—the remarkable transformation of ECDE centres in Murang’a. It’s all about giving our young ones the best possible start in their educational journey. The county government is doing its part, and the future looks brighter than ever. Let’s cheer them on as they continue to create a better learning environment for our little champions. Go Murang’a!


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