Isiolo Launches Free Porridge Program for ECDE Learners to Enhance Nutrition

The Isiolo government has introduced a groundbreaking school feeding initiative, allocating Sh7 million to provide a daily cup of fortified porridge to 165 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centres. Governor Abdi Guyo aims to address hunger, malnutrition, and improve school attendance through this program, emphasizing the nutritional value of the porridge, which includes ingredients like sugar, corn, soybeans, and fortified vitamins and minerals.

Quick Summary

  • School Feeding Program Launch: Isiolo government initiates a school feeding program, allocating Sh7 million to provide daily fortified porridge to 165 ECDE centres.
  • Aim of the Program: The initiative aims to combat hunger, malnutrition, and eliminate barriers to school attendance due to food scarcity.
  • Nutritional Composition: The nutritious porridge will include sugar, corn, soybeans, and fortified vitamins and minerals.
  • Presidential Support: The school feeding program is supported by President William Ruto, who emphasizes the government’s commitment to expanding such programs to ensure no child is left without access to education.
  • Bursary Launch: Governor Guyo also launches a Sh70 million bursary for the 2023-24 academic year, benefiting secondary school, college, and university students in Isiolo.

Nutritional Support for ECDE Learners

Governor Abdi Guyo unveils the Isiolo government’s dedication to the well-being and education of young learners by introducing a school feeding program. With a focus on ECDE centres, the initiative provides a daily serving of fortified porridge containing essential nutrients. This not only addresses malnutrition but also aims to eliminate food-related barriers to school attendance.

Presidential and Local Support

The school feeding program gains national support as President William Ruto endorses the initiative. His commitment to expanding such programs underscores the government’s determination to increase school enrollment and address the issue of hunger preventing children from attending school.

Bursary Launch for Educational Opportunities

In addition to the school feeding program, Governor Guyo launches a Sh70 million bursary for the academic year 2023-24. The bursary fund extends financial assistance to students in secondary schools, colleges, and universities in Isiolo. This injection of funds is expected to have a significant impact on the educational opportunities available to students in the region.

Future Plans and Commitments

Governor Guyo expresses his administration’s dedication to education by pledging to increase the bursary budget to Sh100 million in the next financial year. Additionally, he emphasizes increased investments in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVETs), focusing on staffing, capitation grants, equipment, and infrastructure development, including plans for a new TVET centre in Kinna.

Final Thoughts

Isiolo’s comprehensive approach, combining nutritional support for ECDE learners with a substantial bursary fund and investments in TVETs, reflects a commitment to providing accessible and quality education. These initiatives, supported by both local and national leaders, have the potential to transform the educational landscape in Isiolo, ensuring that students receive the necessary support for their academic journey.


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