Riomego Boarding Primary School in Nyamira County Faces Third Dormitory Fire in 72 Hours

Riomego Boarding Primary School in Nyamira County, Kenya, is grappling with a devastating situation as fire engulfs its dormitory for the third time within a span of 72 hours. The recurring incidents have raised concerns and prompted calls for thorough investigations to uncover the root cause of the fires, leaving students and the community in distress.

Quick Summary

  • Recurring Fire Incidents: Riomego Boarding Primary School experiences fire incidents on Thursday at 3:00 pm, followed by another dormitory catching fire at 7:00 pm on the same day. The school faces a third dormitory fire on Saturday within 72 hours.
  • Authorities’ Response: Fire engines from the county respond promptly during the Saturday incident, managing to contain the inferno.
  • Call for Investigations: Leaders and community members call for thorough investigations to determine the cause of the recurring fires and prevent further incidents.
  • Losses and Fear Among Learners: The series of fires leave learners with significant losses, and the community expresses concerns and fear over the safety of the school.

Recurring Incidents and Authorities’ Response

The unfortunate saga at Riomego Boarding Primary School unfolds with fire incidents occurring on Thursday at 3:00 pm and again at 7:00 pm, affecting different dormitories. The situation escalates as the school faces a third dormitory fire on Saturday, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear among students and the community. The response from fire engines in the county proves crucial in containing the inferno during the latest incident.

Urgent Call for Investigations

The disturbing pattern of recurring fires prompts leaders, including politician Adams Mochenwa, to demand thorough investigations. The calls aim to uncover the root cause of these incidents, especially considering the unusual frequency within a short timeframe. The lack of clarity on the cause has left the community anxious and seeking answers to prevent further occurrences.

Silence from School Management and Education Officials

As of the time of reporting, the school management and education officials had not provided statements regarding the incidents. The silence raises additional concerns about the transparency and communication surrounding the situation. It is crucial for educational authorities to address the community’s fears and provide updates on the investigations.

Final Thoughts

The repeated dormitory fires at Riomego Boarding Primary School have created a challenging and distressing environment for students and the community. Urgent and transparent investigations are necessary to unveil the reasons behind these incidents and implement preventive measures. The safety and well-being of learners should remain a top priority, and collaborative efforts from authorities, leaders, and the community are essential to address this unsettling situation.


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